Our voices remained unheard and those of us who have parents, they cannot afford to hear us as we are expected to work because our family doesn’t have money to have two meals a day. We want to play together on the green field under the open sky but where’s the place and where’s the time. There are two types of children, one who sell toys and the ones who buy them. We are the first category. Ask us if we know what having a childhood means or what having to play with the toys mean. We want to learn how to write but where’s the money; we have to choose between working for a meal a day or going to school. The answer is obviously clear. Some of us don’t have a family. It does appear we have a choice but the reality is that we have no choice but to earn to get ourselves a meal a day to survive. We are left to fend for ourselves on the street. Does anyone know what all kinds of exploitation we go through? It is the headline when a small child or even an elderly woman is raped, no one even gets to know if something like that happens to us because we are poor ignored sections of the society and at times our innocence doesn’t even let us know that we are being exploited. The pain in our voices is often ignored. This is the sad state of the children in our country. Interact with us and you will know.

We, the Children and the citizens of this society, constitute the most vulnerable section of society and are considered a supremely important asset. It does sound intellectual and shows the concern when people talk about Child Rights but what next? Is there anything being done for us in the right direction to protect our interests and rights or everything just exist on the paper? Are our Legislations, Policies, and Programmes really in consonance with the perspectives enshrined in the Constitution and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child?

A great deal of thought needs to be put on this issue. We appreciate that a lot has been done for us but we cannot ignore the fact that still, a lot needs to be done. There’s a need to prioritize safe childhood globally. Children are being brought and sold for prices lesser than that of animals. Is this our worth when we are called the wealth of the nation? Protecting us from all forms of violence, abuse, and exploitation is integral to our holistic development. At an age where we should be in school learning and enjoying our childhood, we are married off; engaged in work – in farms, households, restaurants, and in industries; trafficked for labour and sexual exploitation; and exposed to abuse and violence.


This Conference aims to channelize the intellectual, moral and political power of the world’s leaders to focus on the greatest challenge of our times, the need to protect and educated every child and ensure that every child knows what really a childhood is, except those who are born in privileged and well to do families. The idea of a united future has never been more urgently needed than today. Let our intellectual and moral might arrive at its rightful conclusion, our children. We must leave behind a legacy of compassion. The dreams of our children can only be fulfilled by our collective will and strong resolve. We have people who have a will and compassion to work for children and their rights. Compassion is the inspiration behind this Conference. Let’s not forget that as a society, we have a moral obligation towards the development and security of children. The onus to make the world child-friendly is on us.

Theme: –

  • Child Protection Laws and the role of NHRC and other agencies
  • Protection of Children: International Laws Framework
  • Family and Alternative Care
  • Cyber Space and Children
  • Child Abuse and Child Trafficking
  • A child in the care of need and protection and child in conflict with a law
  • Role of NGOs

(These themes are not restrictive in nature, you may explore any other area related to the broad theme of the Conference where not much research has been done or has been ignored).

Important Dates: –

Last date for submission of Full Paper & Abstract and Registration Fees: 15 April 2019

Date of the Conference: 27 April 2019


  • Students/Research Scholars: 1000/- per person (Co-authorship is allowed)
  • Skype Presentation: 1200/-
  • Professionals/Academicians/Others: 1500/-
  • Skype Presentation: 1700/-

Faculty Conveners: –

Student Committee: –

Ms. Vimmy Garg, Convenor +91-7015234806

Mr. Tarun Kumar, Co-Convenor +91-9958987622

Mr. Mayank Jain, Co-convenor +91-9643140600

Link to the Registration Form: click HERE  
For more details, refer Unheard Voices – Brochure

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