Moot Court Competitions

  • National Human Rights Commission, Delhi in association with Sikkim Government Law College, SGLC organised NHRC-SGLC ALL INDIA MOOT COURT COMPETITION 2018. Our students Navneeta Shankar, Shraddha Chakraborty and Snehal Dhote (all first year students) stood first defeating 16 teams. Along with that, Navneeta Shankar was adjudged as the BEST SPEAKER and Snehal Dhote as the BEST RESEARCHER. Two senior advocates and a former Judge of Sikkim High Court were the judges in the final round. The senior judge gifted the team with his honorarium for their excellent performance.
  • The team comprising of 1st year students, Gauri Pasricha, Kashvi Shetty and Mukund Joshi reached the Semi Finals of the 2nd Gurjeet Singh Memorial National Moot Court Competition.  It  was  held  and  organised  by  National  Law  University  and Judicial Academy, Assam on 20-22 April, 2018. They managed to beat 24 teams. Mukund Joshi was adjudged as the Best Researcher in the competition.
  • The team  comprising  of  3rd  year  students,  Gatha  Shivhare,  Karan  Shelke  and Shantanu Sharma reached the finals of the 7th RGNUL National Moot Court Competition. The competition was held & organised by Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law from March 30 to April 1, 2018. They managed to beat 63 teams including all the major NLUs around the country and bagged a Runners Up trophy in the Final round
  • The team comprising of Neelabh Bist, Sara Jain, Swapnil Singh, Jai Sanyal and Arnav Maru reached  the quarter  finals of the ICC Moot  Court  Competition 2018  India National Rounds, held and organised by National Law University, Delhi on 16-19 March, 2018. They broke at 6th place after which they faced NUJS and NLS in the quarters. They beat NLS but lost to NUJS by a small margin.
  • The team comprising of 1st year students Karthika Rajmohan, Nilay Shah and Puru Medhira reached the semi finals of the 2nd Maharishi Markandeshwar (Deemed to be University) National Moot Court Competition held and organised by the same in Amabal on 11th to 13th April, 2018. They came second in the preliminary rounds comprising of 16 teams in total.
  • Snehal Kanzarkar (3rd year), Aakanksha Begani(2nd year) and Deeksha (2nd Year) participated in the 14th Nani Palkhivala Memorial National Taxation Moot Court Competition 2018 hosted by SASTRA University from 06-08April 2018 and were adjudged as the semi-finalists in the same.
  • Team of Sidra Ahmad, Shiv Sharma and Sriram Prasad have been adjudged the semi- finalists at the Osmania University Moot Court Competition, Hyderabad held from 12 to 14 April, 2018
  • A team of students namely, Pratik Irpatgire, Devashish Giri and Ashmita Sharma were Semi Finalists in the 8th Paras Diwan Memorial International Energy Law Moot Court Competition organised by UPES Dehradun on 6-8 April 2018.
  • A team of Shantanu Sharma (speaker), Karan Shelke (speaker) and Gatha Shivhare (researcher) was adjudicated as Runners Up in the 7th RGNUL National Moot Court Competition out of 63 teams.
  • A team of Mr.  Aditya Prakash (speaker),  Ms.  Pranhita Singh (speaker)  and  Mr. Piyush Langade (researcher) represented the University in the 17th Henry Dunant Moot Court Competition from 21st September to 24th September 2017.

Performance: 1.) Semi-finalists; 2.) Best Researcher – Mr. Piyush Langade

  • Challenger for National Rounds of 22nd Annual International Environmental Moot Court Competition, Stetson University on 3rd September 2017.

Team selected: Avani Gupta (speaker), Yahraj Samant (speaker) and Rohan Kharche (researcher).

The team represented the University at the National Rounds of 22nd Annual International Environmental Moot Court Competition, Stetson University from 24th November to 26th November 2017.

Alternate Dispute Resolution Competitions

  • National Law School of India University, Bangalore organised the IV Negotiation Mediation Client Counseling Competition (NLS NMC) from 10th to 13th May, 2018. Our students, Vrindam Nagpal and Saisha Bacha stood first in the Negotiation Competition having beaten 26 teams. As winners they now qualify to represent the University at the International Rounds at Cardiff, Wales, 2018.
  • National Law School of India University, Bangalore organised the IV Negotiation Mediation Client Counseling Competition (NLS NMC) from 10th to 13th May, 2018. Our students, Gauri Pasricha and Jai Sanyal stood first in the Mediation Competition (Client-Attorney pair) having beaten 27 teams from all across the country and they defeated students from National University of Singapore in the final round. As winners they now are the only team to qualify directly for the 14th ICC Mediation at Paris to be held in 2019.
  • Smriti Shandil, (a second year student) participated in the IV RMLNLU National Mediation Competition, 2018, as a Mediator. She was the second runner up, and semi-finalist for the same. The competition was held from the 19th of January to the 21st of January 2018.There were 32 other participants for the Mediation segment.
  • Team of  Aditya   Pandey  and   Pranhita   Singh   won  the   National  Negotiation Competition   at   the   2nd   VIPS   Dispute   Resolution   and   Client   Consultation Competition, Delhi, organised on 6th and 7th April in Delhi.
  • Arushi Gupta and Parina Muchhala (first  years)  were the quarter finalists of the National Mediation Rounds at the 2nd VIPS Dispute Resolution and Client Consultation Competition, Delhi, organised on 6th and 7th April in Delhi.
  • Challenger  for  Louis  M.   Brown  and  Forrest  S.  Mosten  International  Client Consultation Competition

The ADR Society conducted the Challenger on the 14th  of January, 2018 for the selection of team to represent the University in the three day Louis M. Brown and Forrest S. Mosten International Client Consultation Competition (National Round) selections at ICFAI Law School, Hyderabad. The topics for the challenger are Tort and Consumer Law, and Contract Law (as provided in the official guidelines of the Original Competition). The team of two third year students, Riya Thakare and Saisha Singh emerged as the winners of the Challenger and participated in the competition at Hyderabad from 19th to 21st January, 2018. Here, the team was ranked 10th out of the total number of 32 teams, and their performance was appreciated by the judges.

  • 3rd Lex Infinitum International Dispute Resolution Competition

The V.M. Salgaocar College in Miramar, Goa in collaboration with World Mediation Organization   (WMO)   organised   the   3rd   Lex   Infinitum  International   Dispute Resolution Competition from 10th to 13th January, 2018. A total of 60 institutes from around the world had applied, from which – 24 were selected as participants. It was matter of great pride and honour as Maharashtra National law University Mumbai was also selected from a host of reputed institutes. The team of three, Yashraj Samant (Mediator), Jai Sanyal and SaishaBacha (Negotiating Team) represented MNLU Mumbai at this prestigious competition. The team performed well at the competition and bagged the following prizes:

Runner-up Mediator Lex Infinitum, 2018 – Yashraj Samant

Upcoming Negotiating Team Lex Infinitum, 2018 – Jai Sanyal and Saisha D. Bacha

Literary and Debating Competitions

  • Kartik Gupta and Puru Medhira won 1st Prize in the debating competition named Adhikar held at IIT Bombay on 20-21 January 2018. This competition was a part of their Annual Social Fest Abhyuday.

Cultural Competitions

The students won many accolades at the NUJS Kolkata’s Cultural Fest.

Slam poetry competition: Second Prize – Vanshika Dubey.

Spotlight, dramatics competition: First  Prize  – Vanshika Dubey, Snehal Dhote, Kartik Gupta, Sajal Gupta, Arushi Gupta, Diya Dutta, Mahima Zamindar and Mudit Mahajan.

Mad Ads: Second Prize -Vanshika Dubey, Snehal Dhote, Mudit Mahajan, Diya Dutta, Kartik Gupta and Sajal Gupta.

The Great Kolkata Race, Treasure Hunt: First Prize – Snehal Dhote, Arushi Gupta and Aditya Tannu.

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