RMLNLU: Extra-curricular Achievements

Moot & ADR Competitions:

The team comprising Srijan Jha, Harsh Singh, Priyanka Rai, and Shubhangi Agarwal has emerged as the Runners-up at the ALSA International Law Moot Court Competition, 2017. Priyanka Rai was also adjudged as the Best Oralist (overall).

The team comprising Samprathi Gowda, Sonakshi Banerjee, Ayush Rastogi, and Sarthak Raizada won theBest Memorial for side Claimant, and the team comprising Kasish Sinha, Kishan Gupta, Shally Nain, and Pushkar Singh won the Best Memorial for side Respondent at the 5th FDI International Arbitration Moot, South Asia Regional Rounds. Sarthak Raizada was also adjudged as the Second Best Speaker (Overall).

The team comprising Payal Tripathi, Shivali Singh, and Shubhang Chaturvedi emerged as the Runners-up at the Surana and Surana National Trial Advocacy, North India Rounds, 2017. Payal Tripathi also won the 2nd Best Student Advocate Award.

The team comprising Pooja Singh, Ayushi Tiwari, and Ayushi Mishra emerged as the Semi-Finalists at theSurana and Surana RGNUL Moot Court Competition, 2017. The team also won Second Best Memorial award.

The team comprising Shivam Verma, Qamar Ali Jafri, and Sakshi Singh has emerged as the Semi-finalists at the 11th SCOEL’s Pro Bono Enviro National Moot Court Competition.

The team comprising Anmol Yadav, Angelika Awasthi, and Kartikey Sejwar have been adjudged as Semi-finalists at the 3rd Manipal Ranka National Moot Court Competition, 2017.

The team comprising Shalini Dwivedi, Gulafsha Choudhary, and Sagarika Yadav have won the Best Memorials award at the Prof. V.S. Mani Memorial International Law Moot Court Competition, 2017.

The team comprising Sumeet Kaushik, and Shubhang Chaturvedi, have won the 3rd Northcap University Client Counseling Competition.

Debate Competitions:

The team comprising Samprathi Gowda, Ayush Rastogi, and Shreepath Jain have won the NUSRL Parliamentary Debate, 2017Shreepath Jain also won the Best Speaker award. In the adjudicator’s tournament, Keerti Singh and Ritika Srivastava emerged as the Semi-Finalist and the Quarter-Finalist respectively.

Srijan Jha, Aditi Jaiswal, and Shrey Uttam have emerged as the Best adjudicator, the Second Best adjudicator, and the Third Best Adjudicator respectively at the IIT-Kanpur Debate, 2017.

The team comprising Samprathi Gowda, and Ayush Rastogi emerged as the Semi-finalist at the IIM-Indore Debate, 2017.

The team comprising Sahil Yadav, Shreepath Jain, and Shivam Burghate have won the 6th UPES Parliamentary Debate.



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