The Union Cabinet  has been apprised of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between India and Bangladesh on cooperation in the peaceful uses of outer space. The MoU was signed at New Delhi in April, 2017. This MoU shall enable the areas of cooperation such as, space science, technology and applications including remote sensing of the earth; satellite communication and satellite based navigation; Space science and planetary exploration; use of spacecraft and space systems and ground system; and application of space technology.

The MoU would lead to set up a Joint Working Group, drawing members from Department of Space/ Indian Space Research Organisation (DOS/ISRO), and the Bangladesh Telecom Regulatory Commission (BTRC), which will further work out the plan of action including the time-frame and the means of implementing this MoU. It will provide impetus to explore newer research activities and application possibilities in the field of remote sensing of the earth; satellite communication; satellite navigation; space science and exploration of outer space.

Financing of works carried out under this MoU shall be provided by the respective executive organisation with due consideration of national norms and rules concerning budgetary regulations in force in their respective States and within the limits of available resources. Joint projects and works carried out under this MoU depending on the type and field of activity shall be on non-commercial or commercial basis and shall be executed either without mutual payments or on the basis of compensatory arrangements or contracts. The MoU would lead to develop a joint activity in the field of application of space technologies for the benefit of humanity. Thus all sections and regions of the country will get benefited.

Background: India and Bangladesh have expressed interest to cooperate with each other in the area of space. Accordingly, a template of framework MoU for space cooperation was provided to Indian High Commission to Bangladesh & MEA in August 2016 for further processing at Government level, for which Bangladesh side has given its concurrence in December 2016. Accordingly, an MoU between India and Bangladesh on cooperation in the peaceful uses of outer space, signed at New Delhi on April 08, 2017.



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