Migration should be granted as per regulations framed by Dental Council of India & Medical Council of India

Madhya Pradesh High Court: The Bench comprising of R.S. Jha and A.K. Joshi, JJ. held that Dental Council of India (D.C.I.) and Medical Council of India (M.C.I.) should not give any undue benefit to relatives or children of powerful authorities and shall grant it to those who falls within the parameters constructed under regulations of M.C.I. and D.C.I.

Petitioners stated that D.C.I. and M.C.I. have granted migration in “undeserving cases” such as to the children and relatives of I.A.S., I.P.S. officers and ministers and denied it to others. The Court disposed off the petition stating that the instances included by petitioners are “stale” and “old” and therefore no decision in respect to order of migration can be given by court. It further directed M.C.I. and D.C.I. to strictly adhere by the regulations before granting migration. [Dr. Anand Rai v. Medical Council of India,  2017 SCC OnLine MP 799, decided on 17.05.2017]

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