NHRC issues notice to the Government of Madhya Pradesh over an antibiotic injection worsening the health of 24 children at Morena district hospital

Taking suo motu cognizance on the basis of a media report stating condition of 24 children worsened over an antibiotic injection at Morena district hospital, the Commission has issued notices to the Government of Madhya Pradesh, through its Chief Secretary and the Principal Secretary, Department of Public Health and Family Welfare on a media report. They have been given four weeks to respond to the notice.

The Commission, while issuing the notices, has also observed that the contents of the news report raise serious issue of right to life and health of the children. The incident indicates towards possible negligence which has put the life of the already ailing children to risk.

According to the media report, carried on the 17th August, 2016, there were more than 60 children admitted in the hospital out of which, as a routine dose, “Cefotaxime was injected to 40 children. 24 of them developed symptoms of palpitation, shivering, fever and vomiting. Five of them had to be referred to Gwalior for treatment. The doctors are trying to find out the reason for the reaction of the medicine. As per report, sample of the injection has been sent to a laboratory in Bhopal for further investigation.

National Human Rights Commission

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