Compilation of suggestions till date regarding collegium system to be web-hosted

Supreme Court: In order to consider introduction of appropriate measures, if any, for an improved working of the “collegium system”, Pinky Anand, the Additional Solicitor General and Arvind Datar, the senior councel had made a compilation of suggestions, however, number of other counsels, along with the Chairman of the Bar Council of India, had prayed for further time to gather suggestions from the all the stakeholders.

The Court, acting upon the said prayer, allowed the Attorney General to web-host the compilation of the suggestions on the web site of the Department of Justice, Ministry of Law and Justice, New Delhi, and also, to issue a public notice in the media, seeking suggestions from all those who may desire to make contribution by 17.00 hours on 13.11.2015.

Stating Transparency, Collegium Secretariat, Eligibility Criteria and Complaints as 4 categories in which suggestions can be made, the Court said that only the suggestions received by 17.00 hours on 13.11.2015 will be entertained and no further suggestions will be entertained. All the suggestions will then be forwarded by the Department of Justice to the Counsel who had assisted this Court in the previous compilation, for incorporating additional suggestions in the earlier compilation, for consideration.

The matter is listed for hearing on 18.11.2015 and it was stated that the hearing will be concluded within 2 days. [Supreme Court Advocates-On-Record Association v. Union of India, 2015 SCC OnLine SC 1143 order dated 05.11.2015]

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  • i think more time need be given as the public response is of the first time on such top notch legal issues, i think

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