Consumer related issue does not come under the ambit of the Competition Act

Competition Commission of India: The CCI while closing case against Ansal Properties & Infrastructure Ltd ruled that consumer related issues do not come under the ambit of the Competition Act, 2002 (the Act).

The informant was aggrieved by the conduct of Ansal Properties for non-compliance of an order passed by the Delhi Consumer Dispute Resolution Forum in two cases filed by the Informant and his wife.  It was alleged that Ansal was not paying the amount as directed by the Consumer Forum. 

The CCI found that allegation of the informant for non-compliance of Consumer Forum order does not fall within the jurisdiction of the CCI under the Act because the issue raised does not involve any issue which contravenes the provisions of the Act, In Re:Mr. Preetam Chhabra v. Ansal Properties & Infrastructure Ltd , Case No. 37 of 201, decided on 25.06.2015


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