1. Can you give a brief introduction about your startup?

CLAT Decodified provides online coaching to Law aspirants. We cover all the UG law examinations and provide students with content, tests and mentorship till they reach their desired Law School.

  1. What motivated you to incept this venture?

When I was in my 12th, I felt the need that if there was someone who could guide  my way into Law School through mentorship. I believe that CLAT and other law entrance exams are not tough if one knows what to study and how to study. Most  of the coaching institutes don’t guide the students once they are enrolled with them.

  1. What ideas and vision would you like to share with prospective entrepreneurs?

I believe that education is the most powerful tool and if we can guide the students in a way so as to make them understand the value of learning and education, it will definitely change the thinking of the society and the ways in which society run. Startups are the way to go in the near future keeping in mind the population of India and the opportunity it provides for self-growth.

  1. Being in a national law school, how do you see legal startups in the near future (especially innovative minds emanating from law schools)?

In last few years, the number of startups have increased, some of them coming from the law schools as students have understood it is better to work for yourself than to become a corporate robot working for 12 hours/day for a firm. No doubt that the firm pays a lot more, but the content you receive working in your startup is much more and I never feel tired because of working.

  1. What is your idea of engaging maximum and efficient resources (including both financial and human resources)?

I have always said that I don’t have employees, I have colleagues. It is important to make them understand that they don’t WORK FOR YOU, THEY WORK WITH YOU. Make them believe that it is like their own thing and they will do wonders.

  1. Given that you have recently expanded, what suggestions would you like to give to the current and upcoming start-ups in terms of growth and expansion?

Don’t hurry to expand, do it only when you believe that the expansion will work. Study the market and the conditions and prepare accordingly, and always do have a backup plan if the worst happens. I always have focused on planning and I use a lot of “ME TIME” in planning the things I want to do.

  1. Before we wrap up, one final belief which you think is the key for survival in the longrun?

Don’t give up, it is very hard in the beginning but once you will pass that phase, it will be the best thing you could have done to yourself. Always have your “ME TIME”, at least once in 2 weeks where you should look upon things which took place and the plan about your future.

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