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The month of March began with a setback to MPs/ MLAs with Supreme Court stripping them off their immunity if they cast vote after taking bribes and continued with opening the pandora’s box of ‘electoral bonds’ kept safely with SBI.

Supreme Court February 2024
Legal RoundUpSupreme Court Roundups

The Supreme Court of India delivered some important judgments in the month of February, like striking down the electoral bonds scheme, declaring Kuldeep Kumar as Mayor for Chandigarh Municipal Corporation, and more as covered in the monthly roundup.

supreme court july 2023
Legal RoundUpSupreme Court Roundups

Find crux of what happened in major matters dealt by Supreme Court of India in July 2023 with interesting stories on Teesta Setalvad bail, guidelines for designation of Senior Advocates, Supreme Court's suo motu cognizance of Manipur women incident, final extension of ED Chief SK Mishra's tenure, and much more.

supreme court june 2023
Legal RoundUpSupreme Court Roundups

The month of June was a vacation month for the Supreme Court. The Vacation Benches, nevertheless, assembled to pass some orders in important and urgent matters. The retiring judges of the Supreme Court also delivered some important judgments. This roundup covers reports on these judgments and orders and some special posts on the Judges, the Never reported Judgments, interesting cases from SCC Archives, and more.

supreme court may 2023
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May 2023 was quite an eventful month, as the Supreme Court of India, in only 14 working days, delivered more than 100 judgments, including 4 important Constitution Bench matters and also concluded the hearing in the momentous Marriage Equality matter. While 2 judges retired and 2 joined the Bench, 3 judges due to officially retire during summer vacation, also sat in bench for the last time.

supreme court april 2023
Legal RoundUpSupreme Court Roundups

April was not the regular, run-of-the-mill month for the Supreme Court of India as it not only delivered some big judgments and began hearing the momentous Marriage Equality matter but also dealt with some unusual cases like Mr Put Mine, Advocate’s appearance, Justice Gangopadhyay controversy; and case of the Judge who lost job over unprepared judgments. This Roundup covers all of that and more!

supreme court constitution bench april 2023
Legal RoundUpSupreme Court Roundups

Don’t miss out on the 5-Judge Bench verdict pertaining to non-admissibility of an unstamped arbitration agreement and Constitution Bench hearing pertaining to the petitions seeking legal recognition of same sex marriage under several Acts, including the SMA, 1954, the FMA, 1969 and HMA, 1955.

2023 scc vol. 3 part 5
Cases ReportedSCC Weekly

Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 — Ss. 20, 2(1)(e) and 42 — Jurisdiction of Court: Determination of jurisdiction of Court, based on

Supreme Court March Roundup
Legal RoundUpSupreme Court Roundups

This roundup revisits the analyses of Supreme Court’s judgments/orders on Independent Election Commission; Bhopal Gas Tragedy, Tripura Sales Tax Rules; gigantic political crisis in Maharashtra; wildlife declaration time; casting couch; Adani Hindenburg Report and more. It also covers Cases Reported in SCC Weekly in the month of March; Explainers on important law points.