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Kerala High to open with its full working strength from 18th May, 2020 after the Mid Summer Vacation, if there are no Government restrictions regarding the attendance.

Conveyance facility arrangements are being made in coordination with KSRTC.

Kerala High Court Staff canteen has also informed that parcel facilities at limited scale, subject to the restrictions fixed by the Registry will be available from the Staff Canteen.

Read the Official Memorandum here: 

Official Memorandum

Kerala High Court

[Official Memorandum dt. 15-05-2020]

COVID 19Hot Off The PressNews

In view of exigencies caused by COVID-19 and declaration of Lockdown in the State of Odisha, Court has suspended the ensuing Summer Vacation, 2020 of the Sub-ordinate Courts of the State, if the lockdown is not extended beyond 03-05-2020.

*To access the Notification, please click here: NOTIFICATION

Orissa High Court

[Notification dt. 28-04-2020]

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Chief Justice of the Bombay High Court and the Administrative Judges of the Bombay High Court have decided that the High Court of Bombay and Courts subordinate to it shall not avail Summer Vacation, if after 3rd May, 2020 and before 7th June, 2020, the normal Court working is restored by lifting the lock-down.

During the period of Summer vacation if normal Court working is restored

The working hours for the Subordinate Courts during the said period, if normal court working starts, shall be as in force prior to Covid-19 pandemic.

The modified working hours for the High Court, if any, from 08th June, 2020 onwards shall be notified separately.

Access the Circular here: CIRCULAR 

Bombay High Court

[Circular dt. 21-04-2020]

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In a unanimous decision by a Full Bench presided over by the Chief Justice, the Delhi High Court had resolved that the High Court as well as all the subordinate courts will remain open in the month of June 2020.

The decision to suspend the summer break was taken in light of the inconvenience caused to the litigants due to the restrictive functioning of the Court amid COVID-19 lockdown. The Court has been hearing only hearing urgent matters amid outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic.  To make up for the loss of court working hours due to COVID-19 lockdown, the Full Court passed the resolution, the relevant portion of which reads:

“Since during the period of suspension of work, the hearing is limited to the matters of extremely urgent nature or urgent nature, there is negligible fresh filing of cases, lesser disposal and corresponding escalation in arrears, resulting in extreme hardship to litigants.

In view of the severe hardship faced by the litigants due to the prevailing pandemic of COVID-19 that has impaired the functioning of the courts, it has been unanimously resolved by the Full Court that to make up for the loss of court working hours and to ensure restoration of normalcy in the functioning of the courts at the earliest, in modification of the resolution of the Full Court dated 16.09.2019, declaring the period of the Summer vacations for this Court and the Courts subordinate thereto in the month of June 2020, this Court and courts subordinate thereto shall continue functioning during the entire month of June i.e. from 01.06.2020 to 30.06.2020. It is hoped and expected that members of the Bar shall extend their full cooperation in making the functioning of the courts meaningful and purposeful during the month of June 2020.”    

COVID 19Hot Off The PressNews

Considering the fact that the lockdown may be lifted in a phased manner and 100% opening of the courts may lead to congregation of the people in the court premises, the Full Court has resolved to continue the present arrangement with regard to the functioning of the High Court and the District Courts till April 30, 2020.

At the High Court level only extreme urgent matters namely Bail applications, stay applications fresh admissions such as PILs will be taken up.

At the District Courts level, extremely urgent criminal and civil matters such as bail applications, remand, extension of remand, interim injunctions etc. will be entertained.

The situation will be reviewed on April 25, 2020. It is also resolved to cancel the Summer Vacation both for the High Court as well as the Subordinate Courts and all the courts in the State shall continue to function throughout May 2020 till 5th June, 2020.