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“Experience has shown that any culture or practice that is ingrained in the society is bound to face some apprehension and resistance by the society when systemic changes are made to it. But with passage of time, it becomes a tool of social change.”

Can Karta sell HUF property without consent
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Supreme Court clarified that “an HUF is capable of acting through its Karta or an adult member of the family in the management of the HUF property.”

Delhi High Court
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Senior Citizens have every right to protect themselves and in case of ill-treatment and abuse by their children/ legal heirs, can approach the Maintenance Tribunal for their eviction from their property of any kind, which includes both Ancestral as well as Self Acquired Property.

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Delhi High Court: In a path breaking decision the Bench of Najmi Waziri, J., while answering a vital question that whether a