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Thailand has moved a step closer towards becoming the First country in Southeast Asia to recognise marriage equality and Third country in Asia, after Taiwan and Nepal, to allow same-sex marriages.

Delhi High Court
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“The essence of gender-neutrality must permeate through every line of a judgment, and a judge must cultivate thoughts that are inherently gender-neutral.”

Section 24 HMA gender neutral
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“The spouse having reasonable capacity of earning but chooses to remain unemployed without indicating sincere efforts to gain employment, should not be permitted to saddle other party with one sided responsibility of meeting out expenses.”

Karnataka High Court
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In an impassioned ruling, the single Judge Bench of the Karnataka High Court observed that the word “men” in the impugned Guideline perpetrates gender bias and misogyny and urged that there is an imperative need of change of nomenclature from ‘ex-servicemen’ to that of ‘ex-service personnel

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European Court of Justice: In a ground-breaking ruling, the European Court of Justice has directed all member States to recognize the residency