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EBC Author and Partner at Fox Mandal & Associates, Saurabh Bindal has been appointed as an Adjunct Professor of Law at Manipal

commercial contracts
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Supreme Court said that a deviation from the plain terms of the contract is warranted only when it serves business efficacy better

central electricity regulatory commission
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In accordance with Regulation 3(3) of the Trading Licence Regulations, for a person applying for Category `IV`, a trading licence should have a net worth of Rs. 10 crore and should have maintained minimum current ratio and liquidity ratio of 1:1, as on date of audited balance sheet accompanying the application.

change in law
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Supreme Court has requested the Union of India along with Ministry of Power to evolve a mechanism so as to ensure timely payment by the DISCOMS to the Generating Companies, which would avoid huge carrying cost to be passed over to the end consumers.