evidentiary value of disclosure statements
Case BriefsSupreme Court

Supreme Court said that admissibility and credibility are two distinct aspects, and the latter is really a matter of evaluation of other available evidence.

rape and murder of 10 year old
Case BriefsSupreme Court

“Truth is the soul of justice. The sole idea of the criminal justice system is to see that justice is done. Justice will be said to be done when no innocent person is punished, and the guilty person is not allowed to go scot free.”

conviction of bsf commandant
Case BriefsSupreme Court

The Court said that the search of the Commandant’s house did not result in recovery of any incriminating documents/article and without other materials incriminating the appellant or pointing to his guilt, the statement of a single person alone cannot result in conviction of the Commandant and deprive him of his pension benefits.

Orissa High Court
Case BriefsHigh Courts

Orissa High Court said that a criminal trial is not an IPL T20 match where every ‘substitute player’ can be an ‘impact player’, engaging a new State Defence Council without providing him police papers is gross illegality.