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“Regulations and Byelaws framed under Section 204 IBC clearly provide checks and balances. Therefore, it cannot be said to be confirmation of excessive or unbridled power”

Justice Krishna Murari

Interviewed by Taha Bin Tasneem

opinion on reliance
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Supreme Court said that a stand of whichever court, cannot be allowed to stand, if it is in ignorance of constitutional provisions

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Supreme Court said that the object and purpose of the enactment of UAPA is to provide for more effective prevention of certain unlawful activities. To punish such a person who is continued as a member of such unlawful association which is declared unlawful due to unlawful activities can be said to be in furtherance of providing for effective prevention of the unlawful activities.

Orissa Administrative
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Supreme Court said that the object of the Administrative Tribunals Act is to reduce arrears and enable the provision of speedy justice to litigants. Abolishing a State Administrative Tribunal would not frustrate this objective because SATs are not the only method by which the object is capable of being achieved.

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Madras High Court
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    Madras High Court: The Division bench of Munishwar Nath Bhandari, CJ. and N. Mala, J. has held that the temple

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