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This report covers the Supreme Court's Never Reported Judgment dating back to the year 1951 on whether the property acquired through invalid adoption, will be considered as joint family property.

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Law on adverse possession in its current form ensures that there is always an owner to contentious land. This is precisely the reason why the law validates the claim of adverse possession made by the squatter only when the owner can be shown to have lost effective authority.

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by Dr C.S. Raghu Raman*

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Delhi High Court: Asha Menon, J., held that, “Mere fact that the boundary walls had been built by the defendants cannot be

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Orissa High Court: D. Dash J. dismissed the second appeal being devoid of merits. The Appellant filed the instant appeal under Section

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Supreme Court: The 3-judge bench of Arun Mishra, SA Nazeer and MR Shah, JJ has held that the Article 65 of Limitation Act, 1963 not only enables