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United States District Court for the Northern Mariana Islands: On 25-06-2024, Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange approached the District Court with a Plea deal (“Agreement”) signed by him, thereby effecting an agreement between him and the United States vis-a-vis the numerous conditions agreed between the parties.

Assange pleaded guilty before the Court to the information charging him with conspiracy to obtain documents, writings, notes connected with the national defence, and wilfully communicate documents relating to national defence of the United States, which constitutes a felony carrying a penalty of —imprisonment of ten years, three-years of supervised release, restitution, a special penalty assessment of US$ 100, and a fine up to US$ 250,000.

The parties jointly agreed that Julian Assange shall be released on bail and be permitted to travel to Australia.

As per the Plea Agreement, the United States agreed to the following:

  • Dismiss the outstanding indictment before the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia (Indictment 1:18-cr-111);

  • Withdraw the pending request before the United Kingdom High Court for the extradition of Assange;

  • Bring no additional charges against Assange based on his conduct before the formation of the Agreement;

  • Not pursue any claim for restitution as the United States has not identified any victim qualifying for individual restitution.

Julian Assange agreed to the following:

  • Leave the United States post sentencing and not return without authorisation;

  • Not be subject to any supervised release;

  • Pay US$ 100 as mandatory special penalty assessment to the Court;

  • Waive his right to appeal or a post-conviction motion;

  • Waive all rights to request or receive any records of the Department of Justice pertaining to his criminal investigations, extradition, prosecution.;

  • Destroy any unpublished information in his possession, custody, or control, or that of the Wikileaks or its affiliates;

  • Instruct the Wikileaks’ editors to destroy any such information if the need arises forgoing and provide sword affidavit to the United Staes of such instructions.

Editor’s Note: The United States through the Plea Agreement sought a sentence that allowed for his immediate release. Since the day of his release, he has been in Canberra, Australia, entrusted to uphold his end of the deal between him and the United States Government. As per the stipulations of the Agreement, Assange was sentenced that allowed for his immediate release. Since then, he has been in Australia, and has been conditioned to return or destroy any and all information with Wikileaks, detrimental to the American interests1

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[United States of America v. Julian Paul Assange, Criminal Case No. CR-24.00014, filedon 25-06-2024]

Advocates who appeared in this case :

For the plaintiff: Shawn N. Anderson, United States Attorney, Districts of Guam and the Northern Marianan Islands, Matthew G. Olsen, Assistant Attorney General for National Security, Matthew J. McKenzie, Deputy Chief Counterintelligence and Export Control Section National Security Division

For the defendant: Barry Pollack, Counsel

1. “Julian Assange back in Australia after leaving US court a free man”, BBC News, accessed: 05-07-2024

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