Karan Johar

Bombay High Court: The renowned Bollywood filmmaker, director Karan Johar was before the Court in capacity of a plaintiff, seeking the permanent injunction on the use of his name in the title of a to-be released film titled “Shaadi ke Director Karan aur Johar”. RI Chagla, J.* presided over the matter, and held that the filmmakers was riding on the goodwill and reputation, and celebrity status of the plaintiff, violating his personality rights. The Court passed an interim order, restraining the makers of the film from using Johar’s name in their title or their promotions of the film.

The impugned film is set to be released on 14-06-2024. Johar had also made an interim application to restrain the release of the film as an urgent remedy during the pendency of the suit.

Source: Press

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