Menstrual Leave Policy

In a significant step towards promoting inclusivity, the National Law Institute University (NLIU) Bhopal has recently rolled out an all-encompassing menstrual leave policy, extending its coverage to all students, including women and trans women enrolled in various academic programs. The impetus for this progressive move came from the proactive efforts of the Student Bar Association, whose members initiated a thoughtful proposal recognizing the crucial need to address menstrual health considerations within the academic sphere.

This landmark initiative not only showcases the influence of student-led endeavours but also underscores the Student Bar Association’s pivotal role in advocating for inclusivity. Acknowledging the gravity of the matter, the college authorities responded promptly, offering wholehearted support for the swift implementation of the proposed policy.

This supportive and inclusive policy serves as a testament to NLIU Bhopal’s commitment to nurturing a compassionate and understanding academic environment. Furthermore, it establishes a positive precedent for other educational institutions to follow suit. Members of the Student Bar Association express their pride in prioritizing the well-being of every student, irrespective of gender identity, emphasizing their ongoing dedication to fostering an inclusive educational space that values the diverse needs of all individuals.

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