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The Alternative Dispute Resolution Cell of the National Law Institute University, Bhopal, established in 2007, is one of the oldest ADR Committees in Asia, and has been hosting Asia’s oldest as well as India’s largest Mediation Tournament, ‘The NLIU International Mediation Tournament’, since 2012. In addition to the tournament, the cell takes the initiative to organize frequent lectures, workshops, and training programmes on Mediation and Negotiation for both vocational and tournament-based operations. The last eleven editions of the Annual Mediation Tournament have been extremely successful owing to the exodus of participation every year from Universities from United States, Australia, and parts of Europe, other than all the National law schools and premier private law schools of the country, proficient judging by Chicago based professional mediators and our affiliation with your esteemed organization.

About the Competition

The NLIU CAM International Negotiation Competition constitutes the Alternative Dispute Resolution Cell’s most competitive and exclusive segment of competitive events. This competition would imbibe empirical learning on a more commercial plane. The outcome and intent of this type of a tournament pivot around the desire for maximizing tangible or intangible profits and cooperatively negotiating the most strategically beneficial outcome for a given party.

The current edition of the NLIU CAM International Negotiation Competition will comprise of 30 teams competing for the coveted NINC Winners Trophy. These 30 national and international teams would be judged by around 30+ experts from the field of negotiation from across the globe. The format of the competition fits the goal of achieving a profit-maximizing and strategically beneficial outcome via Negotiation Sessions.

This year’s edition of the NLIU CAM International Negotiation Competition is being held in virtual mode as it allows for a wider and more diverse pool of participants from around the world, promoting global collaboration and cultural exchange. Additionally, the virtual format eliminates geographical and logistical barriers, making it easier for individuals to engage and showcase their talents without the need for extensive travel. With this enthusiastic and sincere spirit, it is the cell’s honour to invite you and augment your conception of dispute resolution in practical and commercial terms. We look forward to hosting you!

For further information, find attached the brochure of the tournament. NINC 2023-24 brochure

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