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Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen! I, on behalf of the PARADOX- The Chanakya National Law University Debating Society, welcome you all to the live blog of the 14th CNLU National Parliamentary Debate(Asian Format). Built upon the success and legacy of 13 editions, the 14th edition of our flagship event is all set to begin. This debate is hosting teams and adjudicators from prestigious universities/institutions like Tel Aviv University (Israel), IITs, NITs, and NLUs including NALSAR(Hyderabad), RML (Lucknow) and NLUO (Orissa), Jamia Millia Islamia, DU Colleges like LSR and SRCC, etc and many more, in addition to this, the tournament consists of a highly talented, experienced, and nationally recognized Core Adjudicatory Panel. 

The inauguration ceremony was graced with the presence of Hon’ble Registrar Sir Prof. S.P. Singh and the ADC Convenor Prof. Hrishikesh Manu. The ceremony briefly introduces the participants, adjudicators, and core adjudicators. The ADC member inaugurated the event through the Ma Jyotirgamaya prayer. We looked back to the history of Bihar, Gautam Buddha, Ashoka and the great essence of Bihar- Diagonal Politics. The event organizers were thanked, and the Welcome speech was given by the Respected Convenor of ADC. Thankyous were attributed to our Vice Chancellor, Prof. Faizan Mustafa, for being highly instrumental in organizing the 14th CNLU PD.

The Vote Of Thanks was given to the members, sponsors, volunteers, and convenors for completing this mammoth task, i.e., the successful organization of the event.

Ladies and gentlemen! May I have your attention, please? The participants are concentrated on the equity briefing given by our core adjudicator because, after all, who wants to be on the wrong side of the line when there are severe repercussions for a breach of equity?

13:20 Finallyyyyyyyyyy! *Drumrolls* This extraordinary day’s most anticipated moment has come to pass. The core adjudicators released the tabs and the motions after breaking the session and a brief intermission following the inauguration. The theme for the first round is “Education.” Motion clarifications are being addressed, and the teams are ready to go to their respective debate rooms.

14:20 The rounds have ended, and the participants are heading for lunch.

17:00 Motion release for Round 2. The theme for the round is “Feminism”. Now, the participants have moved to their respective rooms while the volunteers assist them in the process. 

17:25 The debate has finally started in all the debating rooms. The spectators rushed to witness the debates as the quality of the debtors here at the CNLU PD is always unparalleled.

19:10 The 2nd round of debate was over. Some happy faces, some sad ones, some confused ones, and a lot of mixed feelings surrounded the area as the participants went back to the conference hall.

20:00 As expected, everybody was dead hungry after the tiresome day, so soon after, they rushed for dinner.

20:30 After the 1st day of the competition was concluded, the participants were escorted to their accommodation by a bus.


9:30 The participants arrived at the campus for the Day two of the tournament. Today’s theme is ‘Ethnic Day’ as set by the Organising Committee. All the participants are bolstering their stunning Ethnics!!!! They are headed toward the Conference Hall for their attendance and motions release.

10:42 The motions were finally released, and the theme for this round was “Relationships.” Then, the participants proceeded to their allotted rooms with exuberance, obviously because the theme was so exciting! The halls bustled with laughter as the volunteers waited for their teams in the rooms. Soon after motion rankings were done, and the debate started after around 20 minutes of the motion rankings!

The teams are now done with the debate, and they await the motion for the next round. It’s raining cats and dogs! The rain pouring consistently, while the debater’s speeches are evolving and morphing after every round. The Conference Hall bustling with laughter, people taking feedback, discussing strategies, introspecting and socializing all at the same time. The collaborative atmosphere is amazing! Camaraderie always makes the discussion even more enjoyable. 

13:42 The motions for Round 4 are out. The theme is “Society”! The teams are again geared up for the battle that awaits them. 

15: 30 The rounds are over now. All the participants are returning to the Conference Hall. 

18:13 The motions for Round 5 are out. The theme is “Art”. The fervor is up! The last round is here!! Everyone is heading towards their respective Debate Rooms. 

20: 30 All last round is finally over!! Wohooo!! It was a longgggg day. The participants are now enjoying the social event and engaging. The dinner is served. Fun banter in the air. The breaks are going to be announced soon. Anxiety, anticipation, and a whole pool of emotion can be felt looking at the faces of the participants. ANNOUNCE THE BREAKS ALREADY!! 

22:08 THE BREAKS ARE FINALLY ANNOUNCED!! LETSSSGOOOO!! Adjudicator breaks, novice breaks and open breaks are finally here. Also, *surprise surprise* we have a pre-semi final?!?! Yes! The level of competition was exceptionally high, leading us to revise our plans from a standard quarterfinal to an open pre-semifinal. The quality of debating we witnessed in the past two days was truly remarkable, and the debaters displayed such remarkable skill and determination that we felt compelled to make this adjustment. 

The day has finally come to an end. The participants are now returning to their hotel. Tomorrow a new day awaits. We are coming to the end of the event. Stakes are higher, and competition is tougher.  Everyone tomorrow will be eyeing the prize. A final leap is all they need.

Day 3

The D-day is here. It is the final day. All the qualifying teams, along with other enthusiastic participants, are here to cheer them. The last few hours before one of them takes the winner’s trophy. A lot to do, a lot to put in, and a lot to achieve. Today is the day!

11:03 Motion release for the Open Pre-Semifinals/Novice Semifinals. The theme is *drumroll* “Environment”!

11:50 The debate will start in all the rooms. 

The debate has ended, and teams are now waiting in the Conference Hall.

The Finalists for the Novice round are NALSAR-dard and Kuch Bhi Rakh Lo. These are teams from NALSAR and NIT Rourkela. The Semis in Open rounds are between DSNLU vs IITB x University of Tel Aviv and RML x DTU x GLC vs NLIU x IISER.

The theme for Novice Finals is “Parenting”. The debate is on the motion ” THP A WORLD WHERE ALL CHILDREN ARE RANDOMLY REASSIGNED TO A NEW PARENT AT BIRTH”. The theme for the Open Semifinals is “Economics”!! The Motions were released at 13:15. The Novice Finals start at 13: 50 and the Open SemiFinals start at 13:56.

The rounds are all done. Announcing our finalist now!!!! All four teams seem anxious and await the announcement. The team that now proceeds to the Finals is Two Pups and a Dino, along with A Muslim, A Sikh and a Hindu, walk into the West Bank. The Open Finals is going to start soon. The theme for Open Grand Finals is “Philosophy”. The teams have chosen to debate on the motion ” THS the narrative that life should be lived in the moment.”

The Finals have now started! Both teams present their best arguments. It seems difficult to decide which side wins. Each new speaker brings a new perspective and tilts the victory to their side. Who will it be? 

The Debate has now ended! The panel has sent its verdict. The participants await the verdict. The valedictory ceremony begins here and now the anxiety and excitement to know who wins is rising.

So the time is here. The moment everyone has been waiting for the past 3 days. This is it. Andddddd the winner of 14th CNLU National Parliamentary debate is……..A Muslim, A Sikh and a Hindu walk into the West Bank !!!

Congratulations to the winner, and greetings to every team that participated. It’s been a wonderful journey. We look forward to hosting you all in the 15th edition of CNLU PD. Kudos to the organizing team members, right from the conveners to the volunteers. Cheers guys, we made it!!

We will be back next year, bigger and better! Signing off 14th CNLU parliamentary debate’s Media Team.







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