nlud launches eklavya

In a bid to further research and academic rigour, National Law University Delhi has launched Eklavya – a “Research Affiliate” programme, under its new academic initiatives. Eklavya is a name derived from a character in the Indian epic Mahabharata, whose tale signifies exemplary discipleship and a quest for knowledge.

In the ancient narrative, Eklavya, who was initially denied the opportunity to learn the art of archery by a renowned master, took it upon himself to acquire the skill outside the confines of the traditional “Gurukul“- an esteemed institution of learning. In today’s context, Eklavya symbolizes the expectation that educational institutions should embrace a more inclusive approach, allowing aspiring learners to freely pursue their quest for knowledge.

Eklavya has been launched under the leadership and vision of Professor (Dr.) G.S. Bajpai, Vice Chancellor, NLU Delhi. “Higher education institutions typically struggle with the requirement of openness as these places are inevitably restricted to only members of these institutions. However, Eklavya model of pedagogy significantly contributes to an all-inclusive approach towards legal pedagogy. The model is based on the idea that the University ought to be open spaces in order to accommodate the scholarly aspirations and interests of those learners who may not formally be a part of the University,” said Professor Bajpai.

“This will help facilitate legal scholarship of a more interdisciplinary and collaborative nature and help NLU Delhi realize its potential of being a globally renowned centre for knowledge creation and learning,” Professor Bajpai added.

By opening the scheme to those who do not have a traditional law degree, the University emphasizes its commitment to actively seek partnerships outside the University and draw from their experiences and perspectives to develop quality legal scholarship.

Professor (Dr.) Harpreet Kaur, Professor of Law & Registrar, said, “Eklavya is a pioneering scheme, especially amongst NLUs. It reinforces NLU Delhi’s academics and research vision. Through this scheme, the University wishes to expand its horizon to engage not only with scholars from leading global universities but also with national and international professionals who work at the intersection of law and related sectors.”

Eklavya is an effort of NLU Delhi to bridge the gap between legal academia and those who engage with the law in various forms outside the University,” Professor Kaur added.

The Eklavya Programme is being coordinated by the Dean’s Office of Research, Planning & Strategic Development. The programme is open for any individual with at least three years of demonstrable experience working on issues that have significant interface with the law.

The application form is open all year round, and interested candidates can visit to read the programme brochure in order to apply and learn more.

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