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Supreme Court: The bench of Aniruddha Bose and Rajesh Bindal, JJ has sought report from the Registrar General of the Madras High Court, after it was apprised of the concern of the women lawyers over basic amenities in the Nilgiris Court Complex. The main concern of the women lawyers is over shrinking of the space or facilities allocated to them in the new court complex.

The Court took up the matter after considering the nature of grievances of the women lawyers of the Nilgiris district projected by an online new portal highlighted in a Column that the women lawyers of Nilgiris have been demanding toilet in court complex for 25 years.

Noticing that the report of the Registrar General, High Court of Madras does not explain in detail in what manner the facilities for women lawyers were being provided for in the new court complex and as to whether there was any shrinkage of any basic facility or amenity in the new court complex, the Court has asked for a more detailed by Sunday i.e. 11.06.2023, after which the Court will take up the matter on 12.06.2023.

[Women Lawyers Association of Nilgiris v. Madras High Court, 2023 SCC OnLine SC 735, order dated 09.06.2023]

Advocates who appeared in this case :

For Petitioner(s): Mr. Vivekanandha, Adv. Dr. Vinod Kumar Tewari, AOR

For Respondent(s) Mr. Guru Krishnakumar, Sr. Adv. Mr. Deepayan Mandal, AOR Mr. Mridul Bansal, Adv. Mr. Naman Varma, Adv. Ms. V. Mohana, Sr. Adv. Mr. B. Raghunath, Adv. Mr. N.C. Kavitha, Adv. Mr. Sriram P., AOR

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  • This article sheds light on the critical issue of basic amenities in the Nilgiris court complex. It’s disheartening to learn about the challenges faced by the legal fraternity in accessing essential facilities. The Supreme Court’s intervention in seeking a report is a positive step toward addressing these concerns. It is crucial for the authorities to prioritize the well-being of legal professionals and ensure a conducive environment for justice. I hope the findings lead to swift improvements in the Nilgiris court complex.

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