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About School of Law, JECRC University, Jaipur

“School of Law, JECRC University, Jaipur, Rajasthan” is one of the premier Law Schools in North India founded in 2017 affiliated with the Bar Council of India (BCI) and is continuously striving to achieve excellence in legal education while imparting in-field legal knowledge.

About Amicus Curiae, The Law Club

One such initiative is the Amicus Curiae, a law club associated with the School of Law. Amicus Curiae catalyzes visions into reality by actively promoting emerging fields of law, particularly Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). We’ve taken initiatives to promote the process of Alternative Dispute Resolution through our Law Club. Despite the turbulent time of COVID-19, we organized an Arbitration Bootcamp followed by our 1st Mediation Competition and both events went well with flying colors.

About the Competition-

In line with its mission to promote ADR, Amicus Curiae, in collaboration with IAMC (International Arbitration and Mediation Centre) in Hyderabad and Amicus Legal in Jaipur, is organizing the “2nd JECRC National Mediation & Negotiation Competition, 2023” on May 27th and 28th, 2023.

This competition aims to increase the culture of ADR among aspiring law students and provide them with a prodigious experience that amplifies their interests in this niche practice of law. By presenting near-real-world challenges, participants can brainstorm and propose probable solutions, honing their lawyering and communication skills. The competition breaks the monotony of theory-based learning and exposes participants to the multifaceted interests of clients that extend beyond commercial matters.

Conference on Changing Aspects of Mediation in India-

In addition to the competition, JECRC University and IAMC are jointly organizing a conference on the “Changing Aspects of Mediation in India” on May 27th, 2023. This conference serves as a platform for legal professionals, scholars, and students to discuss and explore the evolving landscape of mediation in India.

Judges for the event & Panellists for the Conference-

To ensure fair judgment and a valuable learning experience, the competition will be adjudicated by distinguished personalities from diverse legal backgrounds. These include renowned legal professionals such as Mr. Varun Prabhakar, General Counsel of Devyani International Ltd., and Richa Bakshi, General Counsel of Amazon India. The esteemed panel also includes Mr. Vikram Poosrela, Senior Advocate at Telangana High Court in Hyderabad, Mr. Tariq Khan, Registrar of IAMC in Hyderabad, and Mr. Susshil Daga, Partner at Amicus Legal in Jaipur.

Collaborators for the event-

The collaboration with IAMC, an international center for arbitration and mediation, Amicus Legal, a prominent law firm, and SCC Online, EBC, adds valuable expertise and support to the competition. IAMC, located in Hyderabad, is strategically positioned to provide cost-effective and efficient dispute resolution services, benefiting both domestic and foreign investors. Amicus Legal, based in Jaipur, has been making significant strides in the field of law since its inception in 2013, offering comprehensive legal services to reputed clients, business houses, and financial institutions. And, SCC Online, EBC serves the Nation with the best legal publications in the hybrid sphere.


Join JECRC University and Amicus Curiae in their efforts to foster a vibrant legal environment and promote the culture of Alternative Dispute Resolution among aspiring law professionals.

Important Dates

➢ Commencement of Provisional Registration: 15 April 2023

➢ Release of rules and regulations: 30 April 2023

➢ Deadline for provisional registration: 12 May 2023

➢ Closing of final registration: Closed

➢ Release of general information: 21 May 2023

➢ Deadline for submission of written submissions (soft copy): 22 May 2023

➢ Opening ceremony: 27 May 2023

➢ Valedictory ceremony: 28 May 2023



Faculty convenor: Dr. Tulika Singh – +91 81144 19811

Student convenors: Lakshita Bijarnia- +91 80944 11107

Aditya Singh- +91 93145 87470

Aayush Chauhan- +91 70143 73998

To know more click on Brochure Mediation & Negotiation Competition, 2023 & Rules, Judging Criteria & Mediation Problems- JECRCNM&NC’23

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