Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

On 14-3-2023, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare notified the Surrogacy (Regulation) Amendment Rules, 2023 to amend the Surrogacy (Regulation) Rules, 2022. The provisions came into force on 14-3-2023.

Form 2, Rule 7, Para 1 (d) relating to Methods of Treatment has been revised:



The fertilization of a donor oocyte by the sperm of the husband was allowed.

The couple undergoing surrogacy should have both gametes from the intending couple and donor gametes is not allowed.

In case of single woman (widow/divorcee) undergoing surrogacy must use self-eggs and donor sperms to avail surrogacy procedure.

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  • Respectful Dear leaders ,

    am not sure it is right platform to address the Issue. But am posting it here as middle class familiy wife, who is struggling to have baby with the new surrogacy law 2023.

    With this new law – may leads so many ew issues between.the couples where couple has genuine reason to opt for surrogacy.

    Infertility itself means, not producing healthy eggs and not good ovaries, uterus problem etc… considering all these kindly revisit the law and make easy for couples who is opted donor gametes with the genuine reason.

    Surrogacy, is boon for the couples where couples are unable to conceive naturally.

    We middle class family being originate from INDIA , following all Santhana Dharma suffering to have baby with the new Act of surrogacy. What is harm to proceed with Surrogate either own or donor gametes, if mother has genuine medical reason like not providing health eggs, uterus problem, and not good condition of ovaries.

    Already, we are suffering with the health issues both mentally and physically.

    Please Sir understand, why we middle class family going for Surrogacy, though it is costly- its because of we believe on Dharma as to follow last rights.

    Now a days, everyone living their life with selfish and money.

    Please please revisit the Act and make easy for both using own and donor gametes. Its my humble request.🙏

    Kindly consider and do the needful.

  • it is very sad news because a married woman suffering from poor ovarian reserve and more than three misscarriages do not get a child . it leads many family problems and divorce may be please allowed previous method

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