Intellectual Property Rights

EBC Learning Presents a Complimentary preview course on Commercialising patents. This Preview Course covering Intellectual Property Rights brings you a practitioner's perspective on protecting innovations, what to look for in licensing IP, and best practices in drafting IP agreements. The course also brings out some intriguing discussions on whether an innovator must consider patents or trade secrets to protect his ideas. The Course involves a combination of live sessions and video lectures. 

The Commercialising Intellectual Property, Preview Course is a part of the seven, comprehensively structured courses of the programme, Upskill Diploma in Advanced Intellectual Property Rights. The Complete programme includes 40+ live sessions mentored by Intellectual Property professionals and lawyers and about 140+ self-paced video lectures to help you build a strong foundation for your onward intellectual property practice. 

The major Take away from this preview course will be

  • Patent Law Concepts

  • Patentable Subject-matter

  • Patent Registration 

  • Patent Related Commercial Contracts

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