Food Safety and Standards Authority of India

On 4-3-2023, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (‘FSSAI’) directed the States and Union Territories to deploy Food Safety on Wheels (‘FSW’), mobile food testing vans, to check adulteration of milk and milk products considering the upcoming festival of Holi.

Key Points:

  1. To tighten the vigilance, the Commissioner of Food Safety of all states and UTs have been directed to test at least 10 samples of such products per FSW daily.

  2. Consumers are advised to get the milk and milk products tested from the nearest FSW.

  3. 168 FSWs are deployed at State and UT level, for the same purpose.

  4. The system installed at FSWs can test:

    • Fats

    • Solid-not-Fat

    • Protein

    • Adulterants- Added water, Urea, Sucrose, Maltodexterine and Ammonium Sulphate

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  • FSSAI’s directive to States and UTs to monitor milk and milk products during the Holi festival reflects a proactive stance on food safety. Timely measures to prevent adulteration ensure a safer and more enjoyable festive season for consumers

  • FSSAI’s directive to monitor milk and milk products during Holi is crucial for consumer safety. Ensuring purity during festivities is essential. A responsible step by FSSAI!

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