On 30-1-2023, the Central Electricity Authority notified the Central Electricity Authority (Flexible Operation of Coal based Thermal Power Generating Units) Regulations, 2023. The provisions came into force on 30-1-2023.

Applicability: all coal based thermal power generating units owned or under control of the Central Government, State Government or owned by any private company, connected with the grid and to the load despatch centers.

Key Points:

  1. Units should be designed in a way that they comply with these regulations for the full range of ambient and environmental conditions prevailing at the site.

  2. These generating units should be capable of providing flexible operation as per the phasing plan specified by the Authority from time to time.

  3. Minimum power level of these generating units should be 40%.

  4. These generating units should have the ramp rate capability of minimum 3% per minute for their operation between 70% to 100% of maximum continuous power rating and should have ramp rate capability of minimum 2% per minute for their operation between 55% to 70% of maximum continuous power rating.

*Kriti Kumar, Editorial Assistant has reported this brief.

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