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On 27-1-2023, the Ministry of Power notified the Electricity (Promoting Renewable Energy Through Green Energy Open Access) Amendment Rules, 2023 to amend Electricity (Promoting Renewable Energy Through Green Energy Open Access) Rules, 2022. The provisions came into force on 27-1-2023.

Key Points:

  1. Earlier, any entity was allowed to purchase green energy.

    Now, any consumer may elect to purchase green energy.

  2. The amendment also provides that the credit for banked energy will not be permitted to be carried forward and should be adjusted in the same banking cycle:

    Also, that any un-utilized surplus banked energy will be considered as lapsed at the end of each banking cycle.

  3. Rule 9 (1) providing charges that are to be levied on Green Energy Open Access has been revised, adding banking charges and other fees and charges such as Load Despatch Centre fees and scheduling charges, deviation settlement charges as per the relevant regulations of the Commission.

  4. In case, the power which is produced from a non-fossil fuel based on Waste-to-Energy plant is supplied to Open Access Consumer (‘OAC’), the cross-subsidy surcharge and additional surcharge will not be applicable.

  5. In case the electricity, which is produced from offshore wind projects which are commissioned upto December 2025, and supplies the same to OAC, the additional surcharge will not applicable.

  6. Notice has to be given a day in advance before closure time of the Day Ahead Market to avoid the standby charges. Provided that the applicable standby charges should not be more than 25% of the energy charges applicable to the consumer tariff category.

*Kriti Kumar, Editorial Assistant has reported this brief.

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