The Networking & Media Cell of the Law Society, Faculty of Law, Aligarh Muslim University, organized a workshop on Legal Research on 12 December 2022 at 12:30 PM at the Moot Court Hall. The session was taken by Mr. Sumeet Malik, Director of Eastern Book Company Pvt. Ltd. and Editor of SCC Online.

The session was hosted by Ms. Varalika Mendiratta (Incharge, Networking & Media Cell & former EBC-SCC Ambassador) along with Mr. Taha Bin Tasneem (Co-incharge, Networking & Media Cell & current EBC-SCC Ambassador. The session commenced with the recitation of The Holy Quran by Mr. Zahir Irshad (post & name of cell). Thereafter, Ms. Mendiratta reflected on her experiences of working under Mr. Sumeet Malik. She also elaborated on the importance of Legal Research and asserted that it is the foundation stone for every law student whether they aim for a career in litigation, corporate law firm, judiciary, academia, etc.

Thereafter, the Prof. (Dr.) Mohd. Ashraf (Dean & Chairman, and President, Law Society) delivered the Presidential Address and informed the students about the importance of the workshop and extended his gratitude to the Guest Speaker. He emphasised that legal research is fundamental to drafting, forming legal opinions, academic discussions, and essentially finding answers on various points of law. The Presidential Address was followed by the welcome address by Prof. (Dr.) Mohammad Tariq (In-charge, Law Society) who appreciated the Law Society and its various cells for being active and gearing up with the post covid offline world.

The session was then taken up by Mr. Sumeet Malik, who paid homage to his guru professor NR Madhava Menon, an alumnus of the Faculty of Law, Aligarh Muslim University shared his bond with the University. Mr. Malik stressed how man-made laws unlike laws of nature or laws of physics are ever-changing and dynamic. This calls for the legal fraternity to be well-equipped with research to keep up with legal developments. He acquainted students with Primary and Secondary sources of law and kept the students engaged with exercises involving techniques like simulations and role play. He also left students with an important tip for research – Identifying Quadrants of Information — ‘Search for What I know that I know’; ‘What I know that I don’t know’; ‘What I don’t know that I know’; ‘What I don’t know that I don’t know’. He then opened the floor for queries and students actively participated in the questionnaire.

Thereafter, a memento was given to Mr. Sumeet Malik as a token of gratitude by Prof. (Dr.) Md. Zafar Mahfooz Nomani, who thereafter also delivered a vote of thanks. Prof. (Dr.) Nomani thanked Mr. Sumeet Malik for his valuable time and insights. The session ended with the AMU Tarana followed by the National Anthem.

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