About the Opportunity

NUALS Law Journal accepts submissions from the authors/contributors willing to submit their original work. The call for papers opportunity by NUALS Law Journal is open to anyone interested in the subject of law viz. law students, academicians, scholars, students and legal practitioners.

About the Journal

The Editorial Board of the NUALS Law Journal (ISSN Number 2319-8273) is inviting submissions for the first volume of its 17th Edition (Vol. 17 Issue 1). The Journal, published bi-annually, is the flagship law review of the National University of Advanced Legal Studies and is a multidisciplinary, double-blind reviewed journal. Further details are available on our website: nualslawjournal.com

We welcome submissions, on any topic of law of contemporary relevance, from academicians, legal practitioners, students and researchers from the legal community. All submissions will go through a rigorous review process and editing by the Editorial Board.

Submission Guidelines

Categories and Word Limits (exclusive of footnotes; however, speaking footnotes must be limited to 50 words)

  • Short Notes: 1500 — 5000 words

  • Case Comments: 1500 — 5000 words

  • Essays: 3000 — 5000 words

  • Articles: 5000 — 10000 words

Articles exceeding the word limit may be considered on merit, solely at the discretion of the editorial board.

  1. Submissions are to be made only in electronic form and must be made via a Google form which can be accessed here.

  2. The last date for submissions to be considered for the First Issue is on the 25th of October 2022. All submissions after the 25th of October will be considered for the Second Issue. The issue shall be published latest by the month of February 2023.

  3. All submissions are to contain an abstract, of not more than 250 words, accompanying the article. The abstract must be at the beginning of the article. Please refrain from sending abstracts in separate word document.

  4. By submitting an article, the author undertakes that the article is an original work and has not been submitted, accepted or published elsewhere.

  5. Plagiarism will result in summary rejection of the submission.

  6. Co-authorship is allowed for a maximum of two authors.

Formatting Guidelines

1. All submissions must follow the Bluebook (20th Edition) style of citation; non-conformity will be a ground for rejection.

2. Submissions must be in Times New Roman font, with size 12 and line spacing 1.5.

3. All footnotes must be in Times New Roman font, with size 10 and line spacing 1.

4. Submissions must be made in .doc/.docx formats only.

5. The documents must not contain any identification markers. Eg: Name of the author after the title, Author as recognised by Word or any other meta data.

Receipt of submission will be intimated to the authors within two weeks of submission. Authors will be periodically updated on the status of review of their piece. If there are any doubts, the board can be contacted at lawjournal@nuals.ac.in.

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