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On 22-08-2022, Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change has notified Battery Waste Management Rule, 2022  for management of waste, produced by batteries in the environment. The Rules will replace Batteries (Management and Handling) Rules, 2001. The rules function based on the concept of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) where the producers (including importers) of batteries are responsible for collection and recycling/refurbishment of waste batteries and use of recovered materials from wastes into new batteries.

Applicability: Applicable on Producer, dealer, consumer, entities involved in collection, segregation, transportation, refurbishment and recycling of Waste Battery.

Key points:

  1. Obligation and additional responsibility of producers who are producing batteries that whichever battery they are introducing in the market, after its use the battery shall be completely recycled or refurbished.
  2.  Waste batteries should be sent for recycling or refurbished and should not be disposed of by burning or land filling.
  3.  Producer shall file annual returns of how much waste batteries has recycled or refurbished towards fulfilling obligations under Extended Producer Responsibility with the Central Pollution Control Board and concerned State Pollution Control Board by 30th June of the next financial year.
  4. Producers shall confirm that all batteries are packed properly with correct labeling. The label should be printed visibly and in a manner that it can be read easily. Labels should be printed in such a manner that it cannot be removed or washed away.
  5. All the Battery should be packed with a mark of “crossed out wheeled bin symbols”, covering at least 3% of the area of the largest side of the Battery upto a maximum size of 5cmx5cm.
  6. Battery containing mercury, cadmium or lead should be labeled with the symbol “Hg:, ”Cd “ or”Pb “.
  7. Responsibility of the consumer to discard Waste Battery separately from other waste. They need to make sure that the Waste Battery is being disposed of in an environment friendly manner.
  8. Entities involved in collecting, segregating and treating the Waste Battery to carry out the process in a best possible, environmentally friendly way.
  9. Recycler and Refurbisher should review the recovery target of Waste Battery once every four years and should keep on updating techniques to dispose of Waste Battery and would also recommend the same to the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate CHange.
  10.  Every producer shall be registered under Central Pollution Control Board and the registration would be valid for a period of 5 years.
  11. Online registration & reporting, auditing, and committee for monitoring the implementation of rules and to take measures required for removal of difficulties.
  12. On the principle of Polluter Pays Principle, environmental compensation will be imposed for non-fulfilment of Extended Producer Responsibility targets, responsibilities and obligations set out in the rules. The funds collected under environmental compensation shall be utilised in collection and refurbishing or recycling of uncollected and non-recycled waste batteries.

Note: Battery mentioned in the rule will include all types of batteries irrespective of their chemistry, shape, volume, weight, material composition and use except batteries used for wars and for the equipment designed for space.

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