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Mars Growth Capital Fund 1, L.P. | Corporate guarantee to be issued by Hella Infra Market Private Limited from Mars Growth Capital Fund








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Name of Client

Mars Growth Capital Fund 1, L.P. Mars is a fund of global capital market fund Liquidity Group.


Investor Details

Mars Growth Capital Fund 1 L.P. | Singapore


Deal Description

Acted as the Indian Counsel to Liquidity group's Mars Growth Capital Fund 1, L.P. in relation to the contractual comforts extended by the Indian security providers qua a financial assistance not exceeding USD 50 million extended to an offshore borrower entity.

We have undertaken the drafting, negotiation and finalization of the contractual comforts and advised on the legal/regulatory aspects pertaining to the same.


Total Consideration

USD 50 million


Team Members

The core team consisted of Siddharth Srivastava (Partner), Rashneet Kaur (Principal Associate)


Role of Firm

Indian counsel to Lenders


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