Ms. Supriya Malik, the editor of the much-awaited book “How Gourango lost his O’, authored by Sanjoy Ghose, shares her insights.

I must confess that it is quite hard to review a book that one has edited, and I do mean all the forms of editing; substantive, line, copy, and proof (well that’s more reading than editing but an important step nonetheless).

However, in a way, an editor is the first reviewer of the manuscript, and ultimately its caretaker and the author’s champion. When one gets a manuscript such as this one, one’s task is made so easy and is such a joy to edit. 

An author’s voice is one of the most integral parts of any kind of writing or content for that matter, and when an editor gets a author whose voice is not only distinct, spirited, and rather humorous and when the words successfully manage to bring the characters to life in a way that one wishes that they were real and one could actually meet them and have a chat, one knows that storytelling gold has been found.

Sanjoy’s little nuggets of information about the most random things and how he manages to weave them into the tapestry that is his narrative, is nothing short of brilliant. May they be facts about the legal landscape, or something about Bengalis, or even merry old England, they will stay with you much after you’ve finished reading. 

So without giving away anymore tidbits, I hope dear reader, that you enjoy reading this truly wonderful book, as much as I have.


Supriya Malik


“How Gourango Lost his O”

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