National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission

National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC): After forceps delivery, a woman lost her control over passing urine and stool due to the negligence of a doctor, the Coram of R.K. Agrawal (President) and Dr S.M. Kantikar (Member) upheld the decision of State Commission with respect to compensation of Rs 8 lakhs.

The complainant (referred to as the patient) during pregnancy was under Antenatal care of Dr Vartika Mishra (OP). It was alleged that the OP conducted her forceps delivery, which resulted in 4th degree tear in the perineum (area between the vaginal canal and anus), further, the OP stitched the skin only, without muscle repairs, hence the patient lost her control over passing the urine and stool.

Thereafter, the complainant consulted another doctor who diagnosed ‘poor tone’ and ‘very poor anal squeeze’. Later the patient consulted various doctors but did not get full recovery in fact the patient was deprived of marital happiness for 2 years and lost her chance for normal delivery in future.

On being aggrieved, the Consumer complaint was filed before the State Commission and claimed Rs 35 lakhs as compensation.

State Commission partly allowed the complaint and directed the OP to pay a sum of Rs 8,00,000.

Being aggrieved with the above, an instant first appeal was filed.

Analysis and Decision

Commission held that there was negligence during outlet forceps delivery.

In addition to the above, there was a failure of duty of care during post-delivery period and medical record of the OP including Dr Abha Singh failed to convince the Commission about proper post-partum care.

“…the patient was complaining repeatedly about pain in the suture site but both the doctors have simply prescribed medicines, but ignored or not carefully examined the suture site for induration or infection, surprisingly advised to use ‘coconut oil with kapoor’ for about 6 months.”

Coram noted that the patient was a young woman and in primi gravida (first pregnancy). She, after delivery, for her sufferings ran from pillar to post to various hospitals in Raipur and Mumbai.

While concluding the matter, the Commission held that, the patient developed 4th-degree perineal tear after forceps delivery, which squarely attributed to the failure of duty of care, thus, medical negligence. Also, she did not get post-partum care as per accepted reasonable standards.

Therefore, State Commission’s order was affirmed. [ Dr Vartika Mishra v. Rachana Agrawal, FA No. 948 of 2015, decided on 25-2-2022]

Advocates before the Court:

Appeared at the time of arguments through Video Conferencing

For the Appellant : Mr. Vaibhav Agnihotri, Advocate Mr. Dhruv Chawla, Advocate

For the Respondents : Mr. Mohammad Sajid, Advocate

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