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The CLS Blog is a forum created by the Constitutional Law Society, TNNLU to enrich the dialogue surrounding contemporary issues of Constitutional Law. Our aim is to provide a platform for the TNNLU fraternity including practioners, academic scholars and students to contribute to the growing discourse. We primarily accept submissions related to Constitutional Law but welcome and actively encourage interdisciplinary engagement. This is in keeping with our goal to spread awareness of all aspects of Constitutional Law, and its intersection with other fields of study.

This month, we are inviting submissions on the theme- Principles of Constitutional Democracy and Indian Elections.

A Note on the Theme:

Elections in India function as the reins that bind the spirit of democracy, and as citizens, we must keep the reins as taut as possible.   Election Laws in India have evolved over the years, with the Election Commission(s) carefully constructing regulations for elections, to fulfill the promise of free and fair elections.  The world’s largest and most eclectic democracy cannot afford to compromise on a robust and efficient electoral mechanism. Thus, there arises the need for a  thorough understanding of the existing system, its merits and demerits, and possibilities for improvement.  It is with this motive that the Constitutional Law Society, TNNLU has decided to explore the system of elections in this theme.


Sub-Themes for Engagement:

  1. Enforcement of Model Code of Conduct
  2. The Election Commission of India as a Judicial Body
  3. Anti-Defection Laws and Freedom of Expression
  4. The Right to Recall Elected Representatives
  5. Electoral Reservations
  6. Impact of NOTA on Electoral Outcomes
  7. Binding Effect of Election Manifestos
  8. Hate Speech in Election Campaigning
  9. Analysis of First Past the Post as a Voting System
  10. Electoral Bonds Scheme: A Constitutional Analysis

In this call, we welcome your insight on the above topics in the form of articles, opinion pieces, case comments, legislative comments or book reviews. The submission guidelines are available here.

The deadline for the thematic submission is 21st March, 2022.

For more details, refer Brochure

To submit a piece, kindly fill this Google Form.

Aside from thematic submissions, we also accept submissions on a rolling basis. We welcome pieces that address contemporary issues and nuances in Constitutional Law, both in India and internationally. We discourage posts that merely summarize cases or discuss basic aspects of Constitutional Law. We are keen on creating a dialogue between posts so feel free to cross-refer to and comment on other posts from the Blog!

For any queries, substantive questions, clarifications or proposals for consideration, feel free to contact our editors at

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