Bombay High Court

Supreme Court Collegium has approved the proposal for elevation of the following Advocates as Judges in the Bombay High Court:

1. Shri Kishore Chandrakant Sant,

2. Shri Valmiki Menezes SA,

3. Shri Kamal Rashmi Khata,

4. Smt. Sharmila Uttamrao Deshmukh,

5. Shri Arun Ramnath Pednekar,

6. Shri Sandeep Vishnupant Marne,

7. Smt. Gauri Vinod Godse,

8. Shri Rajesh Shantaram Patil,

9. Shri Arif Saleh Doctor, and

10. Shri Somasekhar Sundaresan.

[Supreme Court of India]

[Collegium Statement dt. 16-2-2022]

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