The National Medical Commission has notified the National Medical Commission (Foreign Medical Graduate Licentiate) Regulations, 2021 on 18th November 2021. The regulations deal with registration and the criteria to recognise foreign medical graduates, such as:


  • No foreign medical graduate shall practice medicine in India, unless he is granted permanent registration in accordance with the provisions of these regulations.
  • The foreign medical graduate shall undergo a course leading to foreign medical degree with minimum duration of fifty-four months and undergone an internship for a minimum duration of twelve months in the same foreign medical institution in order to get a permanent registration.
  • This regulation shall not apply to foreign medical graduates who have acquired a foreign medical degree or primary qualification, prior to the coming into force of these regulations and to candidates who are pursuing their education in foreign institutions prior to the coming into force of these regulations; and to such foreign medical graduates who are specifically exempted by the Commission or the Central Government, by notification.
  • The guiding principle for licensing a foreign medical graduate to practice in India is to ensure that the Foreign Medical Graduate fulfils the requirements of education and training equivalent or commensurate with that of an Indian medical graduate.


*Tanvi Singh, Editorial Assistant has reported this brief.

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