New York | Paid family leave to include siblings; legislation signed by Governor

Governor of New York has signed new bill S.2928-A/A.06098-A, that expands New York State’s Paid Family Leave legislation to allow caring for siblings. Under the current law, employees cannot take leave to care for a sibling with a serious health condition. The Act shall come into effect on January 1, 2023.


Key highlights:

  • New York’s Paid Family Leave program is employee-paid insurance program. Presently, Paid Family Leave family care covers caring for spouses, domestic partners, children and step-children, parents, parents-in-law, grandparents and grandchildren with a serious health condition.
  • New Legislation S.2928-A/A.06098-A will expand the definition of “family members” to include siblings. This includes biological siblings, adopted siblings, step-siblings and half-siblings. These family members can live outside of New York State, and even outside of the country.


*Tanvi Singh, Editorial Assistant has reported this brief.

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