11th Amity International Moot Court Competition, 2021

Forged in Fire: 11th Amity International Moot Court Competition, 2021| Organised by Amity Law School, Noida: Live Blogging and updates on your way!

It is a matter of utmost unbridled joy and pride for us to acknowledge that Amity Law School (AUUP), Noida, will be organizing the 11th Edition of the Amity International Moot Court Competition for the year 2021.

Over the years Amity International Moot Court Competition has strived to create the type of environment where competitors can truly test themselves in an environment that strongly challenges every aspect of their character and preparation. The organizing team here at Amity Law School, Noida is committed to outdoing themselves year after year and crafting the best possible experience for everyone involved.

Every competition is about the participants and their competency more than anything else and our the Competition has surpassed all these expectations as it is getting ready to host the best of the best law students. The 11th Edition of the Amity International Moot Court Competition will be an event to remember.

We hope this competition will be an excellent opportunity for all the participants to hone their advocacy skills and widen their intellectual horizons.

Everyone, mark your calendars from 29th Oct to 31st Oct 2021 because this is going to be the one for the books.

We, the AIM Media Team welcome you to stay updated with us as we connect you to every detail throughout the journey of the event.


Below is the Itinerary for the events this weekend:

29th October;

12:00 hrs. IST – 13:00 hrs. IST: Oral Round 1

15:00 hrs IST – 16:00 hrs. IST: Oral Round 2

30th October;

10:00 hrs. IST – 11:00 hrs. IST: Researcher’s Test

11:15 hrs. IST – Results (Prelims) and Draw of Lots for the Semi-Final Round

12:30 hrs IST – 14:00 hrs. IST- Semi-Final Round

31st October;

10:00 hrs. IST – 12:00 hrs. IST- Final Round

16:30 hrs. IST – 17:30 hrs. IST – Valedictory Ceremony


Day 1



With the gratitude in our hearts and exhilaration in our minds, we are elated as the first day of our event is onset. We aspire the occasion to start on a note of auspiciousness.

“May the God of Fortune,
Remove the obstacles ahead,
Inspire us with creativity,
And bless us with wisdom”


Session 1


12:00 hrs. – The best part of competition is that through it we discover what we are capable of, and how much more we can actually do than we ever believed possible.
The time of valor seems to have arrived for the preliminary rounds of the 11th Amity International Moot Court Competition to have officially begun!



12:10 hrs. – The parties seem eager as Courtroom 7A begins the day’s proceedings.

12:12 hrs. –  Courtroom 2A is officially in session.

12:15 hrs. –  Courtroom 4A sees hustle as Justice Rohan George questions the counsel representing the petitioner.

12:18 hrs. –  With developments beginning to be seen in Courtroom 10A as the Bench lays out questions for the petitioner.

12:28 hrs. – Courtroom 2A witnesses the counsel of the petitioner being questioned by Justice Gaurav Pathak.

12:40 hrs. – The day is seeing a meticulous amalgamation of legal prowess and fiery questioning as the teams battle it out in the prelims.

12:45 hrs. – The courtroom sees the petitioner request for an extension of 2 minutes to conclude arguments. Extension granted.

12:47 hrs. – The Judges Bench puts forward a series of questions for the petitioners.

12:43 hrs. – Courtroom 1 is already beginning to see the bustle as the counsel on behalf of the petitioners receives a round of questions from the Bench.



12:55 hrs. – Courtroom 3A sees an interesting array of questions being asked of the respondents by the Bench.

13:00 hrs. – Courtroom 9A witnesses the first round of questions as The Bench takes it up with the counsel of the petitioner.

13:05 hrs. – Courtroom 7A sees the counsel for the petitioner’s request for an extension of 2 minutes for the conclusion of arguments.

13:30 hrs. – After an intriguing set of arguments by all of the teams, we have now arrived at the end of the first session of the Prelims.


Witnessing the sheer amalgamation of arguments on the veracity of law both between the domestic and the international teams was much of applause. The moments were surely captivating to delve on.

The depth of skills inculcated in the students in interpreting the law and its statutes is definitely staggering to watch.



Session 2

It’s time for the second session for our orators to prove their point and stand their view. We wish them all the very best. And definitely hope to encounter a bewildering performance.

“You are the only person on the Earth, who can use your ability; So give it your best”



15:00 hrs.“Fortune favours the brave” and keeping this bravery intact, the teams must now battle each other out in the Second Oral Rounds.



15:05 hrs. – Without any delay, the courtrooms have duly begun their proceedings with the petitioners taking the floor.

15:15 hrs. – The courts see refurbished and strengthened arguments with the counsels vigorously taking their cases up.


15:20 hrs. – The Bench in Courtroom 1B asks the counsel on behalf of the petitioners to lay their facts with greater elucidation.

15:25 hrs. – As the session progress, courtroom 5B sees questions to the petitioners’ counsel from the honourable Bench.

15:30 hrs. – Courtroom 5B sees the heat rise as the Bench strikes down the counsel’s approach towards certain relevant facts.

15:35 hrs. – Courtroom 8B sees a fiery exchange as the rebuttals officially commence


15:40 hrs. – Courtroom 4B witnesses stringent words from the Bench for the counsel representing the petitioner regarding the absence of a significant legal clause.

15:45 hrs. – Rebuttals begin in Courtroom 10B

15:50 hrs. – Courtroom 6B has officially started with the rebuttals.

15:58 hrs. – Courtroom 2B sees the counsel on behalf of the respondent’s request for an extension. Extension granted.

16:06 hrs. – The bench in Courtroom 1B discusses the memorial presented by the petitioners

16:08 hrs. – Courtroom 2B has officially begun with the surrebuttals.

16:15 hrs. – Courtroom 3B experiences an exchange of critical questions and answers between the bench and the counsel representing respondents

16:20 hrs. – Courtroom 2B sees the honourable bench asking well crafted questions to the counsel representing the respondents. The counsel excuses themselves.

16:30 hrs. – As the day’s glory comes to a closure, we see the courts’ proceedings come to an end.


As quoted by William Wycherly “Bluster, Sputter, Question, Cavil; but be sure your argument be intricate enough to confound the court.”


As the curtain falls on the first day of this competition, we can already see the exemplary effort and performance shown by the participants. We are eager to head into the second day with enthusiasm and verve. With this, the AIM media team signs off for the day. We hope to see you back tomorrow! Stay Tuned.




Dappled with the flickers of light, and rays of renewed vigour, we now begin with Day-2 of the 11th Amity International Moot Court Competition! The day will see a lot happen, from researchers test to the drawing of lots and finally on to the semi-finals. Brace up for the day has just begun!


 ” Vitality shows in not only the ability to persist but the ability to start all over ”
~ F . Scott Fitzgerald


 10:00 hrs. – And as the participants valiantly move forward in this legal labyrinth, the first trial of the day stands tall for them to conquer. The Researchers’ Test has officially begun!


10:10 hrs. – As the Researchers’ Test continues, the think tanks of the teams bring their best game into the legal foray.


11:30 hrs. –  An action-packed day! The gruelling researchers’ test has been wrapped up. The air is heavy with anticipation for the results of the prelims, as well as excitement ahead for the draw of lots, which will set the ball rolling.


Semi-Final Rounds


11:45 hrs. –  After an exhausting hour for our researchers, here are the teams that have made it to the prestigious Semi-finals:

Congratulations to teams; (in no particular order)





A result of their hard work, tenacity, determination and incredible display of mooting.

11:50 hrs. – With the lots having been drawn, here are the pairs of teams that will be facing each other in the Semi-finals!

In Courtroom 1: We will see Team 65(A) take Team 97(R) head-on.

In Courtroom 2: We will see Team 82(A) and Team 102(R) engage in a thrilling contest.


12:30 hrs. –  The stage is all set with the commencement of the exciting semifinals, with the teams pitted against one another for a thrilling show of events. All the best!

12:35 hrs. – With immense pride, we welcome the esteemed adjudicators for the semifinals!


12:38 hrs. – Courtroom 1 has officially begun the day’s proceedings.

12:40 hrs. – Courtroom 2 begins the proceedings!

12:52 hrs. – Courtroom 2 sees the appellants present their arguments in a formidable way.

12:55 hrs. – Courtroom 1 gets more intense as the Bench and the appellants indulge in an enthralling set of questions and answers.

13:00 hrs. – The appellants request the Bench for an extension of 2 minutes for the completion of arguments in Courtroom 1. The Bench assents.

13:05 hrs. – Courtroom 2 witnesses the Bench questioning the petitioners to which they respond prudently.

13:15 hrs. – Courtroom 1 sees calculated and fortifying arguments from the petitioners.

13:25 hrs. – As the court proceedings move forward, we continue to witness enticing exchanges between the counsel and the Bench.

13:30 hrs. – As the counsels on behalf of the respondents take floor, Courtroom 1 gushes with renewed energy.


13:35 hrs. – The Counsels on behalf of the Respondents take the floor in Courtroom 2 with their arguments.

13:40 hrs. – Courtroom 2 is already brimming with confidence as the Bench raises questions for the Counsel which they take up with eloquence.

13:55 hrs. – The courtrooms witness a wondrous exchange of questions and answers between the Bench and the Respondents.

14:10 hrs. – Courtroom 2 begins with the rebuttals as the petitioners’ counsel takes the floor to question the counsel on behalf of the respondents.

14:15 hrs. – Courtroom 1 has begun with the rebuttals

14:20 hrs. – Courtroom 1 has begun with the sur-rebuttals with the respondents taking the floor

14:20 hrs. –  Courtroom 2 has moved towards sur-rebuttals.

14:30 hrs. – As both the courtrooms adjourn their proceedings for the day, we now arrive at the end of the Semi-finals.

We are delighted to announce the winning teams; TC 65 and TC 102, that went neck and neck in this competition and have made it to the finals. Their diligence and hard work have seen them through.
Our best wishes to the teams as they brace themselves for the finals tomorrow.


Intense and compelling proceedings kept the teams on their toes today. As the curtains fall on Day 2, we await another gripping day tomorrow, which will see the clash of the titans.

The winner takes all!



Day 3


Today as we commence the last day of the event, we await to witness the engrossing final rounds and blissful valedictory session with all our honorary dignitaries.

“An event’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us”


9:00 hrs. – With determination in our minds and excitement in our hearts, we begin with the third and final day of the 11th Amity International Moot Court Competition!

10:00 hrs. –  For the time is finally here, the coveted finals of the 11th Amity International Moot Court Competition have officially begun!


10:05 hrs. – We are honoured to have with us the most distinguished panel of judges for the final round.

ADV. RAMA IYER – Founder at Ayana Legal

DR RUSTAM ATADJANOV – Assistant Professor of Public and International Law, KIMEP University School of Law

MR. SÉBASTIEN LAFRANCE – Crown Counsel/Prosecutor, Public Prosecution Service of Canada


MS. ERIKA HENNEQUET – Lecturer of International law., University of Sheffield. UK


Adding to the star-studded panel, we welcome the presence of;

Chairman Amity Law School: Prof. (Dr.) D.K Bandyopadhyay

Additional Director and Joint Head: (Prof.) Dr. Shefali Raizada

Additional Director and Joint Head: (Prof.) Dr. Aditya Tomer

Faculty Convener: Dr. Bhavna Batra

Members of the Amity University Family who add an exuberant atmosphere to the event!

Our gratitude also to our faculty mentors Dr Jane Mathew Eyre Ma’am and Dr Gouri Naik Ma’am, and Dr Rupendra Singh Sir, all of who guided us through the competition with their immense support.

10:08 hrs. – Court has officially begun the day’s proceedings

10:13 hrs. – Courtroom gets more intense as the Bench and the appellants indulge in an enthralling set of questions and answers.

10:20 hrs. – The Courtroom is buzzing with energy as the petitioners answer the Bench’s questions


10:38 hrs. – The Bench continues to ask intriguing questions which the participants gracefully manoeuver through.

11:00 hrs. – The floor now is taken by the Counsel representing the respondents who have begun with their arguments.

11:10 hrs. – The final round has been attended by our cherished Prof Dr. D K Bandopadhyay, Chairman Amity Law School. His words have surely uplifted the event to towering levels.

11:15 hrs. – Our engrossing final round has been graced by our Dr. Shefali Raizada Ma’am, Additional Director Amity Law School. Her presence in the event has definitely spurred motivation among our participants and attendees.

11:20 hrs. –  The responding counsel asks for an extension. Bench assents.

11:53 hrs. – The respondents present their prayer to the court.

11:55 hrs. –  The Appellants take the floor for rebuttals.

12:00 hrs. –  The responding counsel takes the floor as sur-rebuttals begin.

12:14 hrs. – Mr. Sebastien Lafrance expresses the intricacies of the International Court of Justice while congratulating the teams for their efforts.

12:16 hrs. – Lecturer Erika Hennequet provides her words of wisdom by emphasizing the importance of precision and accuracy of arguments provided.

12:20 hrs. – Dr. Maria Ferolla Vallandro Do Valle congratulates the participants on their achievement and elucidates the significance of widening the global outlook.

12:30 hrs. – Dr Bhavna Batra, Faculty Convenor Moot Court Society presented her vote of thanks before the esteemed bench of judges.

After a vigorous exchange of arguments and addresses by the esteemed bench, the final round has now come to an end. We eagerly await the results.



16:30 hrs. – The floor is all set, for the moment that we had been waiting for. The Valedictory Ceremony for the 11th Amity International Moot Court Competition has officially commenced!

16:35 hrs. – We are pleased to have with us for the valedictory ceremony:

HON’BLE MR. JUSTICE SIDDHARTH – Judge, Allahabad High Court




16:40 hrs. Dr. Shefali Raizada, additional director and joint head, Amity Law School Noida, started with thanking everyone who was present for the ceremony. She spoke about how Amity prides itself on the unique blend of theoretical knowledge and the quest of excellence, adequately represented by the Amity International Moot Court Competition. She highlighted how AIM has emerged as a grand event, both nationally and internationally. She welcomed the guest of honour Hon’ble Mr. Justice Siddharth, Judge, Allahabad High Court, along with Hon’ble Ms. Justice Jyoti Singh, Judge, Delhi High Court, Hon’ble Mr. Justice Jasmeet Singh, Judge, Delhi High Court, and Hon’ble Mr. Justice Amit Bansal, Judge, Delhi High Court. She also welcomed the judges of the final round, Mr. Sébastien Lafrance, Crown Counsel, Public Prosecution Service of Canada, Ms. Mariana Ferolla Vallandro Do Valle, Graduate Institute, Geneva, and Ms. Erika Hennequet, Lecturer of International Law, University of Sheffield, UK. She welcomed our respected founder-president Ashok Chauhan and extended her gratitude to our chancellor Atul Chauhan, for his guidance, leadership and support. She also thanked Balvinder Shukla ma’am for all her support. She welcomed our Chairman, Dr. D K Bandopadhyay, and all participating teams, faculty members and students.

16:45 hrs. Professor Dr. Aditya Tomar, Additional Director, Amity Law School Noida expressed his gratitude to all the dignitaries who graces the event which spanned threw days to make it a grand success. He drew a beautiful analogy about how moot courts are the same to a law student as a religious pilgrimage is to a devotee. He thanked the Organising Committee and the staff to have successfully conducted the event.

16:51 hrs.Prof Dr. D K Bandopadhyay, Chairman, Amity Law School Noida, welcomed all lordships to the 11th edition of the Amity International Moot Court Competition. He also welcomed the judges of the final round. He spoke about how his wish for all Amitians is to be leaders, not followers. He also mentioned how our Chancellor, Dr. Atul Chauhan, offered a fee waiver for students who lost their earning parent(s) to the Covid pandemic. In the education sector, it is often said what Amity thinks today, the world thinks tomorrow. He thanked Dr. Bhavna Batra and her entire team for organising the event. He spoke about how it happens to be the birth anniversary of India’s idol, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, who wanted to take India to new heights. He thanked our founder-president for giving us this wonderful opportunity.

16:58 hrs.Hon’ble Justice Amit Bansal, Judge, Delhi High Court, very candidly expressed his views on the changing modes of mooting and judicial proceedings until strongly advocating for mooting to become a mandatory part of every law student’s curriculum. He gave significant advice about the way law students should approach their passions while keeping their profession in mind.

17:00 hrs.Hon’ble Justice Jyoti Singh, Judge, Delhi High Court, was delighted to be a part of the valedictory ceremony and congratulated Amity for hosting the 11th edition of mooting, despite the global challenge thrown up by the pandemic. She was amazed that 100 teams had registered. She got a chance to see the moot proposition and commended the students for grappling with such an issue and enduring the tough propositions. Students had a multidimensional approach to what the other side would be asking, so it gave one a chance to see both sides and gain immense confidence for the day a student actually stepped into the courts. Many teams participated but two reached the finals and one would take the trophy. What was critical was that it was a learning experience for students who interacted with people from across the borders. She quoted Einstein to stress the point that ‘a person who never made a mistake never tried anything’, and novelist Samuel Beckett — ‘Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better’ — to drive the point that there should be no reason to feel demotivated.

17:05 hrs.Hon’ble Justice Jasmeet Singh, Judge, Delhi High Court talked about the importance of decisions in one’s life while bringing into light the issues law students face while doing moot courts. Addressing law students directly he elucidated the importance of hobbies in the lives of those who take up the legal profession while congratulating the organisers for a successful event.

17:14 hrs.Hon’ble Justice Mr. Siddharth, Judge, Allahabad High Court very pertinently talked about the bigger meaning of being a legal profession, that is, to give their 100% to the profession. While expressing the significance of litigation, he explained how the lawyers and judges always see the society’s expectations firsthand and their role in nation-building. He congratulated the organising committee and the students for having beautifully conducted the event.

17: 23 hrs.Ms. Erika Hennequet, Lecturer of International Law, University of Sheffield, UK, earnestly stated that her experience was extremely positive. She said the young students were positive about it, too. Sometimes mooting could be a scary endeavour because the mooters did not know what the judges were going to ask, and were willing to be assessed, but the participants were very gracious and patient with the judges! Students and judges alike enjoyed the intellectually challenging experience. She emphasised that in mooting they impersonated counsels and judges because of their passion for law. Students had made a great effort in that respect. She was happy to know that Amity was organising a moot competition despite the restrictions imposed by the pandemic. She thanked the organisers for putting together the event and wished everyone all the best.

17:28 hrs. – Mr. Sébastien Lafrance, Crown Counsel, Public Prosecution Service of Canada, wholeheartedly thanked Professor Dr Bhavna Batra for all the work she has done, saying that she was the heart and soul of the organising committee. He congratulated the students on their passion and determination. He agreed with his fellow judges that the field of law required many sacrifices but it was all worth it. He said he was a former mooter himself and fell in love with the law. He hoped it would be the same for the mooters here. He congratulated the finalists, admitting that it was a tough and hard bench that bombarded the students with questions. But because of their dedication and hard work, the students were able to answer the questions, and face the music in a nice way!

17:35 hrs.Dr. Mariana Ferolla Vallandro Do Valle, Gradutate Institute Geneva, expressed her gratitude for having been a part of Amity International Moot Court Competition 2021 while congratulating the students and the staff members for their meticulous efforts. She encouraged the students to participate as much as they possibly could, in moot courts to broaden their legal horizon.


17:42 hrs.Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan, Founder President, Amity University and Amity Group of Institutions very graciously thanked the dignitaries who graced the occasion with their presence. While talking about his vision to transform India into a global superpower, he talked about the importance of law and order as a very significant aspect to be able to achieve that. Very gracefully elucidating the the opportunities offered to Indian students, he reiterated his pledge to change the scenario of Indian education by enabling it to prosper globally.

17:53 hrs.Dr. Gouri Naik and Dr. Rupendra Singh, professors, Amity Law School Noida, brought into light the vision and the legacy of Amity International Moot Court Competition by sharing the highlights and memories of the event.

18:00 hrs. – And now for the moment everyone had eagerly been waiting for…The coveted trophy of the 11th Amity International Moot Court Competition goes to Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Patiala!
Congratulations to all the winners!

18:15 hrs.Mr Atul Chauhan, Chancellor, Amity Law School Noida said he was proud to see the journey of AIM and all the hard work. He congratulated the organising committee for conducting the moot competition so successfully. He said he was so proud of the first law school outside India (Dubai) that was approved by the Bar Council. In life, he said, always take lessons from people who were successful, who were leaders and role models. He congratulated the students on choosing the path of law, which was not easy, but millions of people would rely on your decisions. He advised students to make wise decisions and work very hard as it would affect the lives of so many other people. He congratulated the winners, and also all those who participated because taking part in moot courts did go a long way.


18:20 hrs.Dr. Bhavna Batra, Convenor, Moot Court Society, Amity Law School gave a beautiful address by beginning with an austere and powerful quote from the Bhagavad Gita. She very eloquently brought to light, the contribution of every student and faculty member in making the event as grand as it was. She recited the Shanti Mantra for the smooth performance of the event. As scintillating as always, she proceeded to thank the dignitaries and Founder President Sir for his continued guidance and support. Concluding her address, she expressed her faith and confidence in the upcoming torch-bearers of the Moot Court Society with words of motivation and hope.



Best Researcher

III Position:

TEAM CODE – 54 Jenipher Tuyiringire (University School of Law, Kempala, Uganda)
TEAM CODE – 83 Rishika Somani (Symbiosis Law School, Noida)
TEAM CODE – 85 Rootika Srivastava (Tamil Nadu National Law University, Trichy)

II Position:

TEAM CODE- 67 Swaminathan K (Sastra University, Thanjavur)

I Position:

TEAM CODE- 103 Kenson Mutethia (The Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Kenya)

Best Memorial

3rd Best Memorial:

TEAM CODE- 83 Symbiosis Law School, Noida
TEAM CODE -65 Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Patiala
TEAM CODE -101 University of Lagos, Nigeria

2nd Best Memorial:

TEAM CODE -84 Symbiosis Law School, Pune

Best Memorial:

TEAM CODE -60 National Law and Judicial Academy, Assam

Best Counsel

3rd Best Counsel:

TEAM CODE -97 Siyi Chen (University of Tokyo)

2nd Best Counsel:

TEAM CODE -82 Ms. Saloni Atul Kumar (Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad)

Best Counsel:

TEAM CODE -65 Vansh Bhatnagar (Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Patiala)


TEAM CODE 97 – University of Tokyo
TEAM CODE 82 – Symbiosis Law School,Hyderabad
TEAM CODE 102- National University of Advanced Legal Studies

TEAM 65 Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Patiala


TEAM CODE 65: Rajiv Gandhi National Univeristy of Law

TEAM CODE 102: National Univeristy of Advanced Legal Studies


TEAM CODE 65 Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Patiala

Runner Up:

TEAM CODE 102 National University of Advanced Legal Studies


18: 25 hrs. – We thank the core faculty members and mentor who stood strong throughout the event as a backbone for the successful completion. Their guiding force is surely of much applause.



We also would like to put forth our gratification to all the Student Organising Committee members, the efforts of whom have brought accolade to the institution.


18:30 hrs. – Just as all good things must end, the three-day thrilling moot competition has drawn to a close. All teams gave their best, fighting to the finish. We wish a very hearty congratulations to the winning team, along which those who qualified the rounds and participated to make the competition truly vibrant and dynamic. We thank our learned judges, who spared their time and used their professional acumen to choose the winners. Hope to see another exhilarating session next year!
Warm wishes to all from the Amity Family.

Handled by Student Media Committee –  

J Tanisha

Hardik Sharma

Vikramaditya Mendiratta

Tanisha Singh

Nishtha Wadhawan

Shubhangi Mishra

Devansh Khandelwal

Riya Bharadwaj


Stay Home Stay Safe
Media Team,
Amity Law School

“You know that an end signals a new beginning, right? “

See you in the next chapter!!!!



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