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Through this course, we seek to provide the participants with an in-depth knowledge of the growing relevance of Mergers and Acquisitions in India as well as globally. This course is spread over 15-20 hours to provide the participants with a comprehensive understanding of various aspects of Mergers and Acquisitions.


Topics to be covered:

  1. Introduction to Mergers and Acquisitions in India.
  2. Joint Venture.
  3. Due Diligence in Mergers and Acquisitions.
  4. Acquisition Financing.
  5. Delisting.
  6. Tax Aspect of Mergers and Acquisitions in India.
  7. Cross Border Mergers and Acquisitions.
  8. Shareholder Agreement and SPA.


 Speakers for this Course:


  1. Mr. Asim Choudhary, Partner, Khaitan & Co.
  2. Mr. Arjun Rajgopal, Partner, Saraf and Partners.
  3. Mr. Kartik Jain, Partner, Jyoti Sagar and Associates.
  4. Mr. Vaibhav Kakkar, Partner, Saraf and Partners.
  5. Mr. Nusrat Hassan, Co-Managing Partner, Link Legal.
  6. Mr. Snigdhaneel Satpathy, Partner, Saraf and Partners.
  7. Mr. Abhishek Saxena, Co Founder and Partner, Phoenix Legal.
  8. Ms. Pallavi Puri, Partner, Jyoti Sagar and Associates.


Registration Link

Interested people can register for the course through the following link:




The last date for registration is October 27th, 2021


Interested people may reach out to us through:

Contact number-+919871602747

Email id-contactfortitudelearning@gmail.com

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