The Central Government notified Boiler Accident Inquiry Rules, 2021. They shall come into force on the date of their publication in the Official Gazette.

Key features:

  • Inquiry of accidents: On receipt of a report of an accident to a boiler or boiler component under section 18 of the Act, a preliminary inquiry shall be conducted in the concerned State in whose jurisdiction the  accident has occurred.
  • Accidents resulting in any death: The Chief Inspector of the concerned State in whose jurisdiction any death has resulted due to the accident , based on preliminary inquiry, shall forward a report without delay  to the Technical Adviser in Form A.
  • Inquiry of accidents resulting in any death: Without prejudice to rules, where any death has resulted due to any accident, an inquiry shall also be conducted by the Central Government.
  • Constitution of inquiry committee: (1)The inquiry shall be conducted by an inquiry committee  consisting of the following, namely: 

(i) Technical Adviser Chairman;
(ii) a Chief Inspector or Director of Boiler Member;

(iii) a representative of Boiler and boiler component manufacturer or user of boilers in the Board

Note: The inquiry committee shall be constituted within fifteen days of receipt of report of accident resulting in any death from the Chief Inspector of the concerned state and inquiry shall be conducted within fortyfive days of receipt of report of accident from the Chief Inspector.

  • Procedure during inquiry: The inquiry committee shall make a careful examination of the damaged parts and shall take such measurements or sketches and may take such photographs for the purpose of report as they may deem necessary.
  • Use of Boiler after accident resulting in any death: The boiler shall not be put to use till the inquiry is completed.

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