The Central Government notified Central Motor Vehicles (Twenty fourth Amendment) Rules, 2021 to amend the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989.

Key Amendment:

The following rule relating to concession in motor vehicle tax is inserted:

51A. Concession in motor vehicle tax. In case the vehicle is registered against submission of “Certificate of Deposit”, the concession in the motor vehicle tax shall be,

(i) upto twenty five percent, in case of nontransport vehicles; and

(ii) upto fifteen percent, in case of transport vehicles:

Provided that this concession shall be available upto eight years, in case of transport vehicles, and upto fifteen years, in case of nontransport vehicles and there shall be no concession in the motor vehicle tax in case of transport vehicles, after eight years, and, in case of nontransport vehicles, after fifteen years.

Explanation 1. For the purposes of this rule, these periods shall be reckoned from the date of first registration in both cases.

Explanation 2. For the purposes of these rules, the expression “Certificate of Deposit” shall have the same meaning as assigned to it in clause (c) of subrule (1) of rule 3 of the Motor Vehicles (Registration and  Functions of Vehicle Scrapping Facility) Rules, 2021.”.

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