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Chinese Legal System (1979-2019)

Historical Development and Overview

This book provides an overview of China’s legal system development since 1979 till 2019 as well as detailed coverage of many essential aspects. It is written in a clear and concise way making it readily accessible to non-Chinese readers who want to know the recent developments of the Chinese legal system.

Main features include:

♦ Guides the readers through the development of the Chinese legal system especially after China’s reform and opening-up.

  • Covers China’s legal history and legal culture, as well as various laws such as criminal law,
    administrative law, commercial law, etc.
  • Includes commentaries on Chinese legal concepts with extensive quotations from the relevant statutes.

♦ Provides a straightforward interpretation on Chinese law.

This book will be useful for teachers and students of law and those who are interested in Chinese law for general reading.

Extract from the foreword

Significant attention within the sphere of China studies in India is devoted to topics associated with foreign policy and security aspects of the bilateral relationship. Over the last decade, as economic engagement with China expanded, bilateral trade and investment have also received some attention. The space devoted in India to study China’s non-political domestic institutions is still inadequate.

The contents of this book are a result of a broad-based collaboration between several leading legal scholars in China and an Indian practitioner. It represents the first step towards exposing the Indian audience to an accessible examination of China’s legal system. Apart from providing a historical overview of the legal system, the book covers broad topics such as legislative process, administrative system, judiciary, legal education and profession, civil, criminal and commercial law, intellectual property law, economic law, labour and social security law, and environmental resources law and covers the period 1979-2019.

Ambassador Ashok Kantha

Director, Institute of Chinese Studies, New Delhi

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