On August 05, 2021, the Spanish Data Protection Authority (‘AEPD’) imposed fine on an individual of €3,000 for its unlawful use of a video surveillance camera, in violation of the data minimisation principle pursuant to Article 5(1)(c) of the GDPR.

In the present case before AEPD, the complaint was filed for installing cameras in the area of public transit without just cause.

The AEPD imposed fine on the considering following aggravated factors:

  • intentionality or negligence in the infringement;
  • nature, severity, and duration of the offence, taking into account the nature, scope, or purpose of the treatment operation in question, as well as the number of interested parties affected and the level of damages that have been suffered; and
  • any previous infringement committed by the person in charge or the person in charge of the traffic.

Read the decision Here.

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