On June 03 2021, the Employees State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) has issued instructions for implementation of the scheme ESIC COVID-19 Relief Scheme.

The objective of the Scheme is to provide relief to the dependents of the Insured Persons in case of his/her death due to COVID-19. The eligible dependent family members of IP will be paid periodic payments directly to the bank account.



  • The Insured Person who died due to covid-19 disease must have registered on the ESIC online portal at least three months prior to the date of diagnosis of Covid-19 disease resulting in his/her death.
  • The deceased Insured Person must have been in employment on the date of diagnosis of COVID-19 disease and contributions for atleast 70 days should have been paid or payable in respect of him/her during a period of maximum one year immediately preceding the the diagnosis of COVID-19 disease resulting in death.


Validity of Scheme:

The Scheme shall be effective for a period of two years w.e.f 24.03. 2020.


Payment under the scheme 

The following relatives of the Insured Person shall be eligible to receive the Periodical payments under the scheme-

  • Spouse, a legitimate or adopted son who has not attained the age of twenty-five years, an unmarried legitimate or unmarried daughter;
  • A widowed mother, etc.
  • If wholly dependent on the earnings of the insured person at the time of his death, a legitimate or adopted son or daughter who has attained the age the age of 25 years  and is infirm.

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  • 90% of the average wages of the deceased IP, which will be called as full rate of the relief will be paid to the dependents of the IP who died due to COVID-19 disease.


Minimum Relief under the scheme:

  • The minimum relief under the scheme shall be Rs. 1800/- per month.

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