OECD adopts amended recommendation on children in digital environment

On May 31, 2021, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (‘OECD’) adopted the Recommendation on Children in the Digital Environment which aims to help countries find a balance between protecting children from online risks and promoting opportunities and benefits that the digital world provides.


The recommendations recognise the complexity of the digital environment and the data protection and privacy risks for children, as well as the importance of safeguarding children’s privacy for their well-being and autonomy.


OECD recommends that OECD member countries should:

  • Demonstrate leadership and commitment taking into account the best interests of the child;
  • Review, develop, and amend as appropriate laws that affect children in the digital environment;
  • Promote digital literacy as an essential tool for meeting the needs of children in the digital environment
  • Adopt evidence-based policies to support children in the digital environment; and
  • Promote the adoption of measures that provide for age-appropriate Privacy by Design.


Read the Recommendation HERE

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