Model Tenancy Act approved by Cabinet

The Union Cabinet has approved the Model Tenancy Act for circulation to all States / Union Territories by enacting fresh legislation or amending existing rental laws as per Press Release dated 02.06.2021.

Salient features of the Act are:

  • It will facilitate unlocking of vacant houses for rental housing purposes.
  • Private participation in rental housing as a model for addressing huge housing shortage.
  • It will enable creation of adequate rental housing stock for all the income groups thereby addressing the issue of homelessness.
  • It will further enable institutionalisation of rental housing by shifting it towards the formal market.
  • It will establish Rent Authority to regulate renting of premises.
  • It will protect the interests of landlords and tenants.
  • It will provide speedy adjudication mechanism.


*Tanvi Singh, Editorial Assistant has put this story together.

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