Lucknow University | 4th Edition of Dr. R.U. Singh Memorial National Level Literary Events

Faculty of Law, University of Lucknow is organising 4th Edition of Dr. R.U. Singh Memorial National Level Literary Events. It includes-

  1. Article Writing Competition;
  2. Debate (Hindi);
  3. Legal Quiz (Hindi);
  4. Poster Making;
  5. Bill Drafting;
  6. Socio Legal Film Making Competition

Students from all colleges and Universities across India including the Students of Lucknow University are welcome to participate

  1. Article Writing Competition:


  1. Judicial Accountability.
  2. The Right to Protest: Locating the Right to Protest in Part III of the Constitution.
  3. Environmental Laws and Constitutional provisions in India.
  4. Seventy years of Indian Constitution: Revising the concept of Citizenship in wake of the Citizenship Amendment Act.
  5. Recent developments in the arena of Freedom of Speech and Expression and the concept of Media Trial.
  6. Debate Competition

Topic- मीडिया ट्रायल वरदान या अभिशाप

  1. Legal Quiz
  1. Bill Drafting

Bill drafting can be on any issue related to which any bill has not been presented in Parliament.

  1. Socio-legal film making competition

Team can be maximum of 20 members. All the students shall be from the same college.

For more details, refer 4th R.U SINGH LITERARY EVENT-2021

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